September 12, 2020

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GSTAAD—It snowed during the last two days of August up here, and why not? We’ve traded freedom of speech for “freedom from speech,” so on an upside-down planet, snow in the Alps in August is the new normal. The world is suddenly a grim place, a sick prank when you think of it, a kamikaze fantasy with the bad guys winning and being cheered on by the left and the media. The virus is now a metaphor, religion having been cast aside by the global elite who follow only their interests and think of the rest of us as cannon fodder.

Reading the papers a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that only Daniel Hannan in The Sunday Telegraph brought up that 100 years ago Jozef Pilsudski, in the Miracle of the Vistula, saved the Western world from godless communism by stopping the Soviet hordes from extending to Weimar Germany. Imagine the coverage and celebrations if it had been the other way round. Europe owes Poland its freedom, but you wouldn’t know it by the way the media and the E.U. treat that great Catholic country. In America, most leading journalists—propagandists, rather—are still smitten with leftism and continue feeding the public lies about mob rule as they did back then about communism. The New York Times’ Moscow correspondent Walter Duranty, a Stalin pimp, targeted foreign reporters who defected from the party line. Many were recalled. Stalinist horrors went unreported, just as today Antifa’s and BLM’s urban guerrilla looters and killers are downplayed by the Times and shown as peaceful protesters.

Yep, Poland saved millions from tyranny, but we have Polish jokes, rather than Belgian ones; we have Polish plumbers we distrust, but spread our cheeks and cow down to Saudi child-killers in Yemen. It’s not hard to understand. Today’s culture is all about celebrity and shades toward snuff movies, extreme porn, and violence. Poles are too Christian, too family- and country-oriented to please the Vogue crowd. Hence the elite see them as rubes and ignore their sacrifices, especially the one 100 years ago last month.

“The global elite’s weakness is that they have become divorced from the people they pretend to serve.”

Mind you, Poles are not the only ones to be ignored by media catering for the elite. The one-sided reporting of undeniable goings-on in America is a real eye-opener. The burning down of public buildings and small family businesses, the intimidation of townships of whites, the false reporting of BLM and Antifa crime sprees, all taking place in cities and towns run by Democrat mayors, is ignored by the mainstream media. The New York Times has forfeited the public trust by failing to point out the obvious: that the riots and the destruction have been tolerated by Democrat-run cities in order to end the Trump presidency. Instead, like Biden, they blame Trump for them. Allow me to quote Biden on a different matter, Afghanistan, while he was Obama’s vice president: He is talking with Richard Holbrooke, who is pleading with Biden not to abandon Afghan friends and pull out. “Fuck that, we don’t have to worry about that, we did it in Vietnam and got away with it.” That’s the next president, who asks us to trust him. He then told Holbrooke that his argument of not abandoning friends was “right-wing crap.”

It’s the cynicism that gets me. This filthy old man (he’s seven years younger than me) has lied throughout his life and has gotten away with it. He makes Trump sound as if The Donald had taken truth syrup. Biden knows how to lie, Trump does not. Biden is in the pocket of the elite and of the left—a strange alliance, you might think, but one that has formed before our very eyes while we slept.

The global elite’s weakness is that they have become divorced from the people they pretend to serve. While the ruling class embraced globalism and Davos Man promised untold riches for those who participated in their games, little people who called themselves nationalists were more concerned with creating an economy that supported family and country, and did not just enrich Davos types. The little people were and are called awful names by the media, even Nazis, because they believe in work and family and country. Ah, the joys of left-wing journalism. For example: Immigration in the US of A and in the U.K., not to mention France, Italy, and Greece, is the single biggest factor leading to the nationalist populist revolution of the little people across Europe and America. But the elites who dominate the media are not only not listening to the concerns of the little people, they’re calling people like Viktor Orban a Nazi for keeping Hungary for the Hungarians.

Once upon a time conservative brains like Russell Kirk in America presented a good argument and explained what the little people stood for. Then the neo-cons, fifth columnists like Norman Podhoretz and Irving Kristol, came along, pretending to be conservatives and selling conservatism down the river. In reality those bums were the war party, and we have Iraq and millions of dead to thank them for. Things look bad right now for my side, a bad four years for sure, but we’ll be back, and this time the little people might make a very big hole right in the middle of Davos Man’s belly.


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