July 18, 2018

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But when Trump pointed out in an interview last week, entirely correctly, that this means “you are losing your culture—look around,” and that immigration has in fact been a social and political disaster for Britain and Europe, the howls of outrage from the mainstream media were almost uniform.

I then spoke to two very fat American ladies—once again marveling at the high correlation between liberal sentiment and personal blubberiness (a theme frequently touched upon in this publication, with great tact and sensitivity, by Mr. Jim Goad).

“Oh, we left the U.S. three years ago,” they told me. “And then when Trump came in…” and they shook their heads.

“So you’re not going back?”

“Not while this lasts. It’s like a bad dream. And what I want to know is, who paid for it?”

“And you’re living in London now?”

“Oh, no, we’re out in Mongolia. Teaching English.”

“Ah,” I said, “Ulan Bator”—feeling immensely internationalist and globe-spanning and all that. They nodded.

“And does Mongolia have a wall?”

They looked puzzled. “Well, it has a border.”

“And if you crossed illegally from China into Mongolia, say, without the right papers, you would get into serious trouble? You might be detained? And if you had a small child with you… No, wait, come back—I haven’t finished yet! Do you protest against that, out there in Ulan Bator? Or isn’t it allowed? Do you accuse Mongolia of building barriers between peoples and spreading xenophobia?!”

But alas, my words of wisdom were lost on them, echoing off the immense perspiring backs of these earth-embracing land whales and fading away like a distant ricochet…

I’d gone along genuinely wanting to ask people why they were here. And how exactly they thought the 45th president of the USA resembled Adolf Hitler, given that Trump wants to uphold national borders, while Adolf showed a markedly cavalier attitude toward the same, and indeed was frequently overrunning other peoples’.

But it was a hopeless task—exactly like trying to engage with a 17th-century Puritan. If you weren’t with them you were against them, and the moment you revealed you weren’t entirely convinced of their Holiness and Righteousness, they turned away and excluded you. Like all good liberal fascists always do.

And please understand, my dear American readers: These social embarrassments, these walking, talking compilations of cant and cringe, are in no way representative of the British people at large, any more than the delusional leftist barbarians of the Berkeley campus are representative of the American people at large.

We’ve stood shoulder to shoulder before. Maybe we need to again.

My favorite moment of the day: A black guy and his black friend who turned up at the march—both ardent Trumpists! Watching the surrounding lynch mob of wet white English liberals trying to process this was like watching Star Wars’ R2-D2 go into meltdown.

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