April 10, 2007

So, Don Imus is carpeted for inappropriate behavior. I object. He should have been suspended for going down on his knees and apologizing to Al Sharpton, the greatest race hustler of them all. Who the hell are these people trying to kid ? Not so long ago, another hustler who also calls himself a reverend, Jesse Jackson, was screeching “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western Civ has got to go….” He also called New York “Hymietown” and was given a pass by the third
member of the Imus shake down troika, Abe Foxman.

Let’s face it. Imus is an unpleasant fellow—one could never take him to a gentleman’s club, for example—but he didn’t say anything black radio jockeys don’t say every day about us whites. And it was meant, after all, to be a joke. Ethnic jokes have all but disappeared from the mass media due to censorship. The prevalence in a given society of jokes about a particular ethnic group is not a good indicator of feeling toward that group. In fact, sometimes it’s the contrary. You joke about those you care for and love. At least we used to do. Just look at the Irish, Polish and Italian jokes, or the French jokes about Belgians and the Canadian ones about Newfoundlanders. They are all butts of the jokes about their alleged stupidity. But Americans love Poles and Irish people and Italians, as do the French the Belgians and the Canadians their Newfoundland neighbors. Jokes not permitted in the media are still told today in bars and over the internet. So what’s the big fuss? I’ll tell you. It starts with a capital H for hypocrisy and all it means is that a race hustler like Sharpton saw yet another opportunity to get his name in the papers and on the evening news. Shame on the media for giving it to him.

And speaking of the media, who the hell does this jerk Keith Olbermann think he’s fooling? A New York weekly which specializes in lists and restaurants has profiled him this week as the greatest TV personality since Lassie. Olbermann, however, is as big an opportunist as Sharpton. He rants against George W. Bush. Nightly. Which is fine with me. But he doesn’t dare go after the real architects of the Iraq disaster, the Wolfowitzes, Feiths, Kristols and Perles—the men who set out to deceive the people by fabricating evidence that justified an invasion.  ( To be fair, Olbermann has attacked Rumsfeld). And you know why he hasn’t? Because he will have Foxman after him quicker than you can say Sharpton, and Olbermann knows this. No brave knight in shiny armor he.  Just another opportunist scared of his fellow attack dogs like Christopher Hitchens, who still demands that more American and Iraqi blood be spilled. If you were a true exposer of malfeasance in high places , Olbermann, you’d go after the neocons who knew they had their man when the Texas polymath was “voted” in as president. But you are not, and you won’t because you know on which side your toast is buttered.


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