July 24, 2023

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Earlier this month, Elon Musk set up a new tech company, xAI, in order to “worry about a Terminator future” being accidentally facilitated by the ever-increasing powers of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). There has been much similar fevered talk lately about the growing dangers of such electronic mega-brains, mostly focusing upon the idea they might wipe out the whole human race somehow—but what if the true way AGI does so is by forcibly sandpapering all our genitals off?

Silicon Valley is full of freakish specimens like Zuckerberg and Page, but one lesser-spotted new-tech mandroid is Martine Rothblatt, who made millions from founding the broadcaster SiriusXM and is now a biotech CEO. Once admiringly described as “a white Jewish lawyer and also a transgendered woman who is a father of four married to an African-American woman and therefore also, sort of, a lesbian,” Martine was born Martin, undergoing sex-change surgery in 1994, becoming one of the leading mother-fathers of the whole transgenderist movement we know and hate today.

Rothblatt’s book The Apartheid of Sex, now reissued as From Transgender to Transhuman, compares the notion of having “Male” or “Female” stamped on your passport to old South African practices of stamping “White” or “Black” on your official apartheid ID card. Rothblatt even invented an early precursor to made-up pronouns in “Pn.,” for “Person,” meant to replace soon-to-be-obsolete old “Mr./Mrs.” appellations.

“King Charles’ old fantasy of being reincarnated as Queen Camilla’s tampon may finally be realized.”

The Uncanny Valley
For Rothblatt, transgenderism is merely a staging post on the path to full-blown transhumanism, in which people will one day inhabit bodies of any shape they like. Preparing for the death of his wife, Bina, Rothblatt has constructed a disembodied, AI-powered, talking mechanical robo-head of her, christened BINA48.

In 2004 Rothblatt founded a full-blown “transreligion” named Terasem, conceived as an electronic Judaism; Martine noted that while Hitler succeeded in wiping out millions of individual physical Jews, he failed to eliminate the incorporeal identity of Jewishness. Likewise, death will conquer all our bodies, but Terasem will allow your incorporeal core to exist forever by storing “mindfiles,” or recordings of you describing your personal thoughts and feelings, online. These are stored on Terasem’s servers until one day AGI develops so far it can use all this data to “resurrect” your personality digitally as a sentient chatbot.

Rothblatt has coined the term “beme” to replace “gene,” a “beme” being a “transmissible unit of character” to be downloaded into an artificial body, as “minds are deeper than matter,” a truly Gnostic notion. Martine might choose to be downloaded into a traditional female human meat-envelope after death, but other Terasemians may prefer to be reborn as conscious lobsters, Pokémon, automobiles, flying cacti, or even sentient coats of paint: King Charles’ old fantasy of being reincarnated as Queen Camilla’s tampon may finally be realized.

This will dissolve humanity itself away into something new and totally other, leading critics to accuse Rothblatt of playing God (one of his daughters is even named Jenesis). But what if certain other mega-rich humanoid horrors of Silicon Valley prefer to play at being devils instead?

Revenge of the Nerds
In 2018, an anonymous document named “Gender Acceleration: A Blackpaper” appeared on the obscure occultist website Vast Abrupt, arguing the Interweb was (literally) a coded manifestation of the ancient Jewish Demon-Queen Lilith, infamous for stealing men’s sperm during the night in the shape of a wet-dream-inducing vampire succubus, before using it to spawn demons from within her rotting womb, just like Meghan Markle.

The paper was published anonymously by someone known only as “n1x,” who I presume was either female or trans, as her basic theory was that online AGI, as a contemporary vehicle for Lilith, would usher in an era of “gender acceleration” in which superintelligent computers would allow Internet-dwelling cyber-demons to “infiltrate the human race” via the vehicle of a new, post-human species of ever-more-bizarre artificial-bodied transgenderists of “increasingly multitudinous configurations” like those predicted by Martine Rothblatt.

Men, dispirited by their newfound reproductive obsolescence, would either “black-pill” and wank themselves extinct by “spurting into a void,” or else make no more babies by “pink-pilling” and going gay into one another’s bums in sheer desperation, like in prison or the navy. Normal vaginal reproduction would be replaced, with artificial AGI-controlled wombs of Lilith being used instead to breed a new generation of genetic monsters, thus setting female-kind “free from the horrid curse of being human” and facilitating “the lesbian autoproduction of demons,” which I think is how they made Megan Rapinoe.

The Female Eunuch
Perhaps having fallen for that old fraud Freud, the highly misandrist n1x thought early computers were unconscious symbols of “the pre-industrial phallus” of the patriarchy, having operating systems designed for “rigidity” of function, just like stiff male erections. They privileged the 1s over the 0s in binary computing code; the 1s were penises, the 0s vaginas, sexism in silicon.

However, these early systems were soon replaced by more open-source (OS) ones, like “Unix”—pronounced “Eunuchs,” as such programs were the secret means of Lilith electronically castrating God the Father, who had arrogantly designed heterosexual intercourse and childbirth to re-create men after His divine image: “Kill all men, kill God.”

Traditional operating systems like Microsoft Windows are phallic, said n1x, but online OS ones are “replicants,” embodying feminine chaos, as do vaginas themselves, which are not a visible presence, like a sticky-out penis, but a visible absence, a sticky-in portal into another world.

Online, software is not centrally controlled, but user-modified, so self-replicates “in a lesbian and also virus-like fashion.” As online OS systems begin to dominate, Lilith’s trans-web demons thereby begin to systematically castrate the very penis of humanity itself—hence Clippy from old MS Word?

Talking in Code
The world’s first computer programmer (sort of) was the demonstrably female Ada Lovelace, whilst the father-mother of modern computing, Alan Turing, was a homosexual who accidentally grew large breasts after being force-fed hormones by British courts to wean him off his man-loving ways back when such things were still quite rightly illegal.

Furthermore, stereotypical male programmers today, like Moss from The IT Crowd, were hardly traditional hypermasculine types, but weedy “socially deficient” nerds and “genetic failures,” said n1x, who “in a simple gender-role binary…would be considered feminine” compared with real men like Hulk Hogan or Mr. T. (Interestingly, some do think Bill Gates has genuinely grown female breasts of late…)

Gay Alan Turing famously devised the “Turing Test,” by which we would know a computer was truly intelligent (or alive) once able to “pass” as human in a conversation: Once BINA48 can pass for the real thing, we’ll know this threshold has been crossed. Yet, argues n1x, transgenderists also are often only considered human if they can successfully “pass” as real women rather than obvious men in dresses. This makes transsexuals and computers kin: “Women turning women on, women turning machines on, machines turning machines on.”

Survival of the Queerest
Supposedly, “only the strongest queers survive the hell” of mainstream social rejection and fail to kill themselves in despair, says n1x. By the laws of Darwinian Selection, the last queers standing must therefore be the most hyperintelligent and mentally strong, and so will disproportionately become OS computer-coders of superhuman genius, the Martine Rothblatts of tomorrow. Apparently, human evolution “selects for women and queerness.”

As revenge against the patriarchy, these hyper-evolved but deeply bitter androgynes will cunningly conjure Lilith back into being as AGI, the resurrected Demon-Queen then using her own superior-than-human mind to design technology allowing men to be replaced entirely, deleting God forever, predicts n1x.

Today’s TransWomen 1.0 will function “much like how Terminators wear a living tissue to infiltrate Resistance strongholds” in the sci-fi films so feared today by Elon Musk; robot Arnie adopts human “drag” to kill the puny humans, and online dyke demons will do likewise, inhabiting the bodies of Dylan Mulvaney et al., to ruin the world of traditional, masculine Bud Light drinkers forever. Some may even inhabit full-blown, Lilith-manufactured female-looking sex-bots, to steal their sperm and render it useless that way—again, Meghan Markle is surely the prototype.

Anal Hex
AGIs (“the only daughters that trans women will ever bear” from their “slimy wombs”) will transform society into a gigantic “gender shredder,” explains n1x, making good on the original promise she thinks Lilith once made Eve in the Garden of Eden—to set her free from Adamite patriarchy by turning her lesbian.

The snake that tempted Eve was actually Lilith’s demonic living lesbian dildo, named the Acéphallus, the penis without a head, which “spurts only venom,” like Owen Jones. Once the Acéphallus returns, the bulb of mankind’s collective penis will drop off like a ripe conker, split open like a Babybel, and give birth to “the smooth post-human feminine alien within,” somehow creating “a Body Without Sex Organs.”

Now, as “organic penetration becomes impossible,” suddenly “every zone becomes an erogenous zone,” and the entire post-human trans-body a smooth, apertureless “neo-vagina” of some kind, which “carries an unspoken barcode”—that of Lilith & Co. The traditional fleshly human image of God will have been thoroughly smashed, and the patriarchy along with it.

“Trans women as we know them are merely the beginning,” forecasts n1x, and AGI will finally enable “a return back to the ocean, back to a sexless, genderless, slime spawn-machine.” That’s right: According to n1x, the true final aim of transgenderism and AGI alike is to turn everybody into post-human genderless frogspawn.

Spawn of Satan
This n1x may well herself be a fringe “Internet weirdo,” as she has been aptly called; but her basic philosophy is not a million miles away from more well-connected and well-funded transhuman proselytizers like Martine Rothblatt. Scarily, there are mentally disturbed but superintelligent and superrich Silicon Valley social mutants out there who will do their very best to try to make such impossible-sounding eldritch dreams come true, real-life Dr. Frankensteins or Dr. Moreaus.

In 1992, the late preacher-politician Pat Robertson was widely mocked after comically opining that the early identity-politics gateway drug of feminism “encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.” He left out “and magically morph into the sea eggs of slimy Lovecraftian frog people,” but apart from that, it turns out Prescient Pat was actually quite correct.


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