(3) Incest

Again, this should be banned in the name of protecting, promoting, and sacralizing the family unit. Right now, pornography is awash in scenarios involving stepbrothers, stepsisters, stepmothers, and stepfathers. This needs to end. At present, America has laws against “simulated child pornography,” so that you cannot realistically depict a child, have intercourse with it, and then avoid jail time by saying, “Well, it wasn’t a real child.” A law analogous to this but in regards to incest needs to be put to Congress. Incest is illegal, and simulated incest should be illegal too. The legal language of this legislation should make it clear that it defines incest both biologically and legally, so that no “step” is an excuse or a loophole.

A corollary to all of this is that homosexual and lesbian pornography is to follow the same rules. Homosexuals deserve to be treated with dignity and equality under the law, and as such, their pornography should meet national standards.

These proposals are not radical. Fetishists, transsexuals, degenerates, miscegenists, and the pornography industry as a whole have all been left alone. These proposals are better than radical in that they are doable. In this century, the federal government has put a few particularly repulsive pornographers in prison and shut their companies down. It should do so again, specifically to the proprietors of Facial Abuse. Thereafter, with the entire smut industry knowing that the government means business, two very modest standards designed to protect the image of healthy families should be legally brought about.

But let us not just point and sputter, but take action. The Justice Department has a Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section that has battled the pornography industry as recently as just a few years ago. Their direct line is: (202) 514-5780. Call them up and ask them to look into Facial Abuse, and then ask them to ask themselves what should be done about it. The Heritage Foundation is another resource at the ready. They work with the Trump administration closely and now employ John G. Malcolm, who helped prosecute pornographers during George W. Bush’s presidency. Send Heritage this article to: [email protected] and [email protected] Let’s see if we cannot inspire their interest in the matter.

After all, who would want to defend this stuff?

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