September 05, 2014

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We are living in a time when being a Nazi is cool. Terrorism is the new black and it’s now heroic to die fighting against your own country. One Washington Post writer said he was nearly lured to Jihad by the G.I. Joe anthem: “€œFight for freedom, wherever there’s trouble.”€ Wikipedia claims the first American to die in combat for the Islamic state was a rapper from San Diego named Doug, who was killed last month. I guess they”€™re not including the basketball fan from Florida who blew himself up in May. WaPo lists hundreds of Western youth who have joined the fight for Jihad, with over 700 from France and over 800 from Russia.

We saved France from the Nazis and we did it with Russia’s help. I was reading the paper in Madison recently and a photo caption about the Ukraine conflict apathetically tossed out: “€œFrench volunteers, supporters of pro-Russia rebels …”€ There is no mention of why these French guys are fighting on behalf of the EU’s enemy. I suspect it’s simply because it’s the rebellious thing to do. This isn”€™t even jihad. It’s a war that happens to be going on so, why not? When I was their age, the worst a kid would get would be a Nazi skinhead who kicked some white punk rockers in the face. Today, we have kids joining the opposition and proudly fighting against us, just like real Nazis in WWII. We”€™ve gone from “€œWhat are you rebelling against? “€”Whaddya got?”€ to declaring war on our own culture.

During the Vietnam draft, friends and enemies would come together and drive each other to see if their number had come up. A few scurried off to Canada but the vast majority stood up for their country. Millions went to the war zone, and only about 40 were convicted for draft dodging. Carter pardoned them. I”€™m not saying the Vietnam war was our greatest moment, but when did everyone become Hanoi Jane? We need to cut it with the pardons and take a time-out from tolerance. It’s killing us.  


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