September 05, 2014

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On Wednesday, NBC Nightly News profiled Don Morgan, a 44-year-old who renamed himself Abu Omar al-Amreeki after flunking a military boot camp and getting fired from his job as a sheriff’s deputy. Morgan was recently arrested at JFK after another failed attempt to impose some structure on his life”€”this time, he tried to join ISIS. After his conversion to Islam in 2008, he founded an Islamic center near his home. By this January he”€™d become so committed, he traveled to Lebanon, where he struggled to get into Syria to join forces with his spiritual comrades. While he waited he posted such inspirational Tweets as “€œGive me martyrdom, wherever I may be.”€ The charges he faces involve selling a gun online.

Why isn”€™t his charge treason? That’s a capital offense in this country, but it hasn”€™t been used as such since 1953, when Julius and Ethel Rosenberg got the chair for giving nuclear secrets to the Russians. John Walker Lindh confessed to treason but got a relatively light sentence. He recently sued the government to allow more group prayer for him and a fellow Muslim prisoner. He”€™ll be out in five years.

“€œTerrorism is the new black and it’s now heroic to die fighting against your own country.”€

This might make emotion-based mom voters feel better about America but it’s not what the law states. We”€™re at war. When you base your military strategy on taking the high road, you get overtaken on the low road. They steal our sons and blow them up but when one of ours disrespects some terrorists, everyone starts bawling their eyes out. When did the West become so ashamed of itself?

During WWII, we were all on the same page. Mickey Mouse hated Hitler. Superman and Batman comics were devoted to fighting the Nazis. We interned Japanese, Germans, and Italians simply because we were pissed off at the places they came from. It was a harsh time but as Allen West put it, “€œShut your mouth. War is hell.”€

If we were to take today’s culture and graft it onto 1940s America, we”€™d have Nazis driving our cabs and refusing to take Jews. Instead of “€œloose lips sink ships”€ we”€™d have open borders where any Nazi can simply walk across. We”€™d have Nazi schools in Michigan where students can practice their doctrine freely and even train to fight against America. Being a Nazi would become the “€œin thing.”€

This would be true all over the Western World. In the real here and now, the Boston Bombers were radicalized on our soil. The boy who decapitated James Foley learned to hate in London. He was taught by a particularly annoying cleric named Anjem Choudary, who recently made headlines for saying “€œTerrorizing the enemy is part of Islam.”€ This is after he was linked to the Foley decapitation.

Am I the only one tearing my hair out over here? We have been hearing from Choudary for years. He shows up in this nightmare at 3:23. He’s taught these kids how to hate the West while on British welfare himself and although he makes a lot of Britons mad, he continues his jihadi crusade unabated. Muslims in downtown London just hacked a soldier to death with a meat cleaver because, apparently, they didn”€™t like his T-shirt. Didn”€™t Britain learn anything from the IRA? The more tolerance you give terrorists, the more terrorism you get.


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