December 01, 2015

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Around that time, Nick DiPaolo won some Best Young Comic award and was repeatedly assured he was going to be the Next Big Thing because he was so politically incorrect and “€œpeople are dying for someone to take that on.”€ Now, I LOVE DiPaolo with all my heart (and MasterCard), but, well, I hear he’s playing Hilarities in Trenton this weekend. Sometimes his liberal superstar pals Amy Schumer and Louis C.K. toss him guest spots on their award-winning TV shows.

I could go on: Tough Crowd, anyone? Howard Stern? “€œSouth Park conservatives”€?

We have been “€œwinning”€ since the beginning, and yet we keep losing.

And what would “€œwinning”€ look like?

Take my home province: Our lesbian premier has mandated a new sex-ed curriculum that was co-written by a convicted pedophile and teaches kids, among other things, that there are six genders, not two. Brown and yellow parents protested again and again. The white premier dismissed them as “€œbigots.”€ So did the all-powerful teachers”€™ union and the other civil servants who got the lesbian premier elected, and will do so next time around.

So: How does having 100,000 Twitter followers, and plenty of fun, fix something like this?

Can we really overthrow society’s self-selecting, multigenerational “€œprogressive”€ elite”€”the one that runs the government, education, entertainment, and even the military”€”or should we focus on constructing a semi-underground counterculture, encompassing everything from homeschooling to self-defense?

And if so, does that turn us into the “€œsafe spacers”€ we rightly loathe?

I”€™m also concerned about the emphasis on “€œcool.”€

I”€™m as susceptible to its allure as anyone, but at bottom, “€œcool”€ is not a Christian, or even a classical, virtue, and it’s led many astray. Remember: Alger Hiss was the “€œcool”€ one, not Whittaker Chambers. Ditto Gloria Steinem vs. Phyllis Schlafly.

Yes, I know: I”€™m old and even when I was young, I was never sexy and hip. Frankly, I”€™m allergic to fun. Gavin and Milo’s intermittent sex-and-drugs talk gave me hives.

But I”€™m also not a joiner, so this isn”€™t about me wanting to be one of the “€œcool”€ kids.

What I am is a contrarian, even among the contrarians.

So I”€™m compelled to ask again:

What would “€œwinning”€ look like? Not just “€œleading the race,”€ but after “€œcrossing the finish line”€?


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