December 01, 2015

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Taki’s own Gavin McInnes just conducted a mesmerizing interview with’s Milo.

It was titled “€œWhy We”€™re Winning,”€ because Milo’s new column in question is called “€œWhy I”€™m Winning,”€ and so they talked for over twenty minutes about how and why “€œwe”€”€”the right; anti-SJWs; cultural libertarians; Your Name Here”€”are finally thrashing the politically correct left’s pimply flat ass.

I so want to believe that Milo and Gavin are correct:

That their firsthand recon online and off reveals a robust mutiny brewing against “€œprogressive”€ tyranny.

Executive summary:

Milo is winning because (a) all the right (that is, left) people hate him; (b) as @Nero, he’s acquired almost 100,000 Twitter followers in just a year and a half, and gets 50 million tweet impressions a month (“€œMore impressions than some news sites”€); and (c) our side is more fun, better-looking”€”just cooler overall:

My “€œon the DL”€ fans include world-famous rappers, comedians, novelists and movie stars. Your head would explode if you knew who you”€™re sharing a favorite journalist with.

Milo adds:

My secret is just this: I don”€™t exclude people. I”€™m everywhere, all the time, and I talk to everyone, especially the people polite society tells me not to.

“€œCan we really overthrow society’s self-selecting, multigenerational “€˜progressive”€™ elite or should we focus on constructing a semi-underground counterculture?”€

I was hopeful when I read that part. Did Milo mean “€œwhite supremacists”€ and “€œneo-Nazis,”€ i.e., crusty Caucasians prosecuted by the state for posting anti-immigration “€œpoems”€ on the Internet? Tea Partiers in cornball tricorn hats? Me?

Reading Milo further, it turns out he meant antifeminist women and Gamergaters. So our definitions of “€œpolite society”€ differ slightly. Fine.

And this is mostly terrific:

My career is evidence not just that free speech is effective, but that free speech combined with a lack of snobbery and class war always wins in the end. There’s no defence against the truth”€”especially when it’s wrapped up in a joke and has great hair.

“€œMostly”€ because while I share Milo’s valorization of “€œthe truth,”€ “€œlack of snobbery and class war,”€ and “€œjokes,”€ the part about “€œalways wins in the end”€ is the sticking point.

I”€™m guessing I”€™m almost twice his age. Plus, I”€™m Canadian. So I”€™ve seen “€œthe truth”€ “€œwrapped in jokes”€ lose again and again. (See “€œanti-immigration “€˜poems,”€™”€ above, or Google “€œGuy Earle.”€) And even when we (and our jokes) “€œwin,”€ that victory costs between half a million and 2 million bucks a pop, and the “€œhate speech”€ law we overturn gets put back any second now.

So maybe it was the “€œhair”€ part? (Surely that was Kim Davis”€™ problem?)

Long before my firsthand, financially challenging experience arm-wrestling with SJWs, I”€™d been shoulder-checking leftoid beta-male faggotry on my blog since the summer of 2001.

And before that, I”€™d been hearing about “€œthe death of political correctness”€ ever since the day it came home from the hospital. Because I was at the baby shower.

Back then, in the late 1980s, SJWs were mostly British, and were referred to disparagingly as “€œthe loony left”€”€”hideous, humorless weirdos”€”even by leftists I worked and lived with.

The contagion spread to America, but no worries, because the satirical film PCU came out and people were like, “€œLook! We”€™re mocking them! They”€™re toast!”€

That was twenty years ago.


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