July 05, 2012

This is why the unmanned and careless missions are increasingly unpopular throughout the world. According to a recent Pew Research Center poll, the US, Britain, and India are the only three polled countries where less than half of the population disapproves of drone strikes. Go figure.

The discrepancy between Western and Middle Eastern opinions is one between statistics and firsthand experience. Pakistanis and Yemenis see these dead bodies constantly. They see the families and children splattered on the ground. As far as the American media is concerned, though, these people are not civilians but terrorists with close ties to al-Qaeda.

This isn”€™t an accident. Obama’s policies are fomenting radicalism abroad, not only undermining our way of life but provoking an extremist hydra with many more heads.

Those found dead are also presumed guilty. Thus their deaths were not in vain as far as any news outlet is concerned. American soldiers realize this is happening more than anyone else, and it’s literally killing them. Unfortunately these unseen deaths do not happen on the battlefield.

These are the domestic effects of foreign war.

Some soldiers are just beginning to leave their bases while others ask people to refrain from thanking them for their service. Yet endless cluster bombs and constant gunfire are so detrimental to these young individuals”€™ health, many decide the easiest path to tranquility is suicide.

As of early June, we”€™re up to one military suicide a day. This epidemic’s solution isn”€™t better veteran services, as neoconservatives insist; the solution is to stop deploying soldiers in the first place. Not only will the families of current soldiers be happier, but future soldiers”€™ families will be happy that their children will never need to leave.

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