September 25, 2015

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Thereafter, matters went speedily over the top. When the flood had finally swelled out of all proportion and villages with perhaps a thousand inhabitants were forced to accept 200 mostly dark-skinned newcomers or more, open revolt began to brew in the pubs and at home. Because, try as you might, many of the mostly healthy young lads wearing designer outfits and proudly wielding their iPods found themselves simply overwhelmed by our Western tolerance. Meaning they think they can do anything. Like robbing supermarkets bare in plain daylight until the company gives in and closes it down. Or raping females of any age, including 80-year-old grannies who afterward die of a heart attack. Or getting mindlessly drunk and defecating on children’s playgrounds. Or leaving mountains of rubbish in their provisional quarters. Or stabbing a policewoman nearly to death. Or similar feats like these.

Thus resistance grew and finally developed a voice. Only this week, PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West) staged a rally in Dresden that mustered 15,000 participants, a truly staggering number. At its conclusion the creation of a new political party was announced, news that was greeted with many cheers. One reason for this decision might have been the fact that Mr. Cameron of Great Britain and Mr. Orban of Hungary forcefully closed their borders, whereas Mrs. Merkel of Germany flung them wide open, thereby inundating Bavaria with tens of thousands more illegal migrants. 

When this finally caused open dissent in her own party, she shed one of her metaphorical crocodile tears and lamented, “€œIf we now need to apologize for the fact that we show a friendly face in emergency situations”€”then this is not my country anymore.”€

A most auspicious repartee, to be sure, especially while keeping in mind the small but important fact that, judging by her politics, this country has never been hers in the first place.


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