August 24, 2015

Source: Shutterstock

Poland is applying similar criteria when accepting refugees from the Syrian crisis”€”Christians to the front of the line. The Czech Republic has applied similar measures with asylum-seekers this year.

According to Poland’s prime minister Ewa Kopacz:

Today Christians who are being persecuted in a barbaric fashion in Syria deserve Christian countries like Poland to act fast to help them.

Miriam Shaded, the director of an immigration organization that’s working with the Polish government, described some Muslims as “criminals” who pose a “huge threat” to the Polish people:

It is not the religion, it is a system…which deprives people from their freedoms and which is close to a totalitarian system.

Naturally, EU officials are calling such policies intolerant and bigoted and non-inclusive and probably illegal. Never mind that the EU doesn’t give one half of a shit about the wishes of the half-billion peasants who squirm under its dominion.

Immigration isn”€™t just the biggest issue in America. It’s the biggest issue across the world, or at least where immigrants are being foisted upon unwilling hosts. But at least for now, Eastern Europe appears to be a safe space for Christian refugees.


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