January 29, 2016

Source: Shutterstock

Over the past half century, white America has undergone an extreme cultural and spiritual upheaval. Indeed, many average white Americans are beginning to feel like strangers, outcasts even, in their own land. No one has begun forcing white Americans onto reservations”€”yet”€”but white Americans have become the de facto enemies of the system. The American government has become predatory, and its preferred prey is white middle America. Whites are safe and acceptable targets.

That is why working-class whites without a golden ticket are experiencing increasing levels of suicide, drug overdose, and alcoholism. White middle America is breaking down. It is breaking down because the liberal elites who run our country are purposefully breaking it down. They are importing human flotsam from the Third World to underbid and replace us. They are funneling American wealth and employment overseas to line their own pockets. They are attacking and subverting American cultural norms and values.

And this is why the widely detested Donald Trump has become the champion of dispossessed Americans. He is the only major presidential candidate since Patrick Buchanan who seems ready and willing to fight back against the liberal elites who are hell-bent on marginalizing and gutting white America. He represents a cure for white American anomie. And he is going to win”€”not even the “€œconservative”€ establishment naysayers at National Review or Fox News can stop him.


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