November 03, 2008

I can’t believe I am writing this, but right now, I want John McCain to be our president.  Or more specifically, I am more opposed to Obama becoming our president than him.  Yes it’s true, Marcus Epstein has sold out an become a GOP Hack.  He is buying into the “lesser of two evils” argument, and willing to support the warmongering, open borders neocon.

If I may redeem myself a little bit, I am not saying everyone should go out and vote for McCain.  Living in Virginia, I will most likely vote for him.  However, if I lived in Alabama or Massachusetts, I could see the arguments of voting for Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin, writing in Pat Buchananan or Ron Paul, or just plain old staying at home.  Nonetheless, I have no reservations in saying a McCain presidency will be relatively more tolerable than four years of Obama.

Without a doubt McCain’s biggest liability is his immigration policy.  McCain was the biggest promoter for amnesty for illegal aliens in Senate.  Whatever maneuvering he made in the primaries has been negated by his (and for that matter Sarah Palin’s) statements in favor of amnesty in the last few months.  That being said, Obama’s voting record on immigration is even worse than McCain’s.  Given that the entire Senate Republican leadership was willing to buck George Bush, I don”€™t see much in the argument that we will be more likely to mount a resistance to an Obama amnesty than a McCain amnesty, especially given the fact that we will need a number of Democrats to oppose it as well.  God forbid we get amnesty, A McCain amnesty is more likely to have a slightly longer “path to citizenship,” which will give us a few extra years to act before we get 20 million new Hispanic voters. 

Furthermore, there are other dimensions of the immigration debate besides amnesty.  During the last two years of the Bush administration there has actually been some improvement in workplace enforcement; both through E-Verify and DHS raids.  I am certain McCain justice department will do better than Obama in enforcing our laws, and that McCain will be less likely to kill E-Verify.  Furthermore, McCain’s court picks are more likely to uphold the tough state laws on the books. 

I admit that McCain is worse than Obama on foreign policy.  I”€™m not going to make the “€œonly Nixon can go to China”€ argument that McCain will somehow end the war in Iraq.  However this is the only area that Obama would be preferable.  I have opposed the War in Iraq from the beginning, and am terrified about a confrontation with Iran; but America has been bogged down in bigger battles and survived.  Foreign policy is important, but not enough to support Obama. 

Everyone already knows that Obama will be worse on the economy and the courts; so I will leave those issues aside.  What people need to keep in mind is that there are a number of issues that have barely been discussed in the last decade; but could become a real possibility with a Democratic Congress and an Obama presidency.  These include: the Fairness Doctrine, Pay Equity, Statehood for DC and Puerto Rico, hate crimes legislation, reparations for slavery, and the increased funding left wing groups like ACORN and La Raza with government money.

An Obama presidency would not just mean bad policies, it would further fund and entrench the left with more money and more voters; making it more difficult to launch any resistance in the future.

This last point makes all the arguments about “€œConservatives will have a stronger reaction against Obama than McCain”€ or the “€œWorst the Better”€ moot.  Yes it is possible conservatives will oppose Obama stronger, but they will be facing a much stronger enemy with Obama. 

McCain will be a terrible president; but America is well past the 11th hour.  The best we can do now is slow down the clock and buy a few more minutes. 


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