June 15, 2015

Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal

Source: Facebook

She was sportin”€™ similar golden cornrows in pictures taken with a black male Mississippi rap artist who was briefly her fiancé a couple years ago. If you have the stomach for such things, that link contains a music video he made dedicated to Rachel containing the following lyrics:

Your legs are the sensual bridges to heaven…
The sweetest vajayjay more cosmic than the Milky Way.

Dolezal eventually broke off the engagement with that addled sap, but she did marry a black man back in Mississippi in 2000. Wedding pictures reveal that Dolezal had yet to begin her visual transition toward blackness and was, at least to the naked eye, still a chubby, blonde-haired white girl. She and her Token Black Husband divorced four years later. But”€”much as my presumed white lesbians at the coffee shop”€”she appears to have developed a taste for the dark meat.

Over the years, Dolezal also claimed to have been victimized repeatedly by hate crimes. Police were unable to verify a single allegation of hers. Last week after it was revealed that Spokane’s black NAACP leader was a lyin”€™-ass honky bitch, they closed their investigations into her hate-crime complaints.

Faced with yet another large-scale embarrassment, prog pundits were quick to explain that a white woman claiming she’s black is an insult to black people. They tried arguing…somehow…that even though race doesn”€™t exist, white people are not permitted to pretend that they”€™re black people.

Mind you, these are precisely the same people who celebrated Bruce Jenner’s recent “€œtransition”€ into a thing called “€œCaitlyn.”€ But they were unflinching in the assertion that although “€œtransgender”€ is real and should be celebrated, “€œtransracial”€ is fantasy and should be condemned.

I”€™ll let you kids all work it out amongst yourselves. But seriously, thanks for all the laughs. You guys are hilarious.


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