October 16, 2007

There is no one better than Orwell, especially in his masterwork, 1984. He saw our future well in advance. It appears that once-great Britain will soon start jailing people for making “homophobic” comments. This proposal confirms my suspicion that the whole art of politics today consists of pandering to the weakness, fears, and greed of the people. And, of course, to the perennial human urge to control one another’s behavior. The British Justice minister, a low-lifer by the name of Jack Straw—a man who built his career as a campus activist, whatever that means, and who has never held a proper job in his life—now proposes prison terms for homophobic jokes. These terms last, believe it or not, three years.

Just think of it. You have some queer friends (and I use the old fashioned word for gays) and you go out with some of them, get drunk, and say the q word. The next thing you know you’re (ahem) going down for three years. Is this a free society? Or is it the Airstrip One which Orwell so articulately depicted some sixty years ago?

The demand for tolerance has been replaced by a new mood of aggressive intolerance—on the part of gay rights zealots and opportunistic arsewipes like Jack Straw. Straw’s proposal to punish speech, if enacted, will amount to a frontal attack on one of the West’s most basic liberties. And it gets worse. If this law goes through in that wet and rather gloomy land, it will become an incentive to break the law.

At least for me. I know the first thing I plan to write in response to the law, and I hope the PC Gestapo comes after me. The irony is that while Western governments are condemning Putin for running a tight ship, at home we are planning to jail people for ever-new types of thought crime.  Readers of this tiny Web site, unite! Let’s shit on Straw and his ilk. We have nothing to lose but our movements.


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