January 20, 2009

Young Americans for Liberty

Young Americans for Liberty is the continuation of the Students for Ron Paul organization which had established chapters nationwide during the election. While many if not most American youth remain sympathetic to Obama, this enthusiastic group of young libertarians and conservatives will spend inauguration day passing out literature on college campuses nationwide, explaining how Obama doesn”€™t represent any change at all. Calling the event “€œReal Change Requires Revolution”€ the group’s website states that Obama “€œpromises more foreign intervention, more socialism, more restrictions on our civil liberties, and a greater disregard for the Constitution.”€ While the mainstream Right remains silent on Bush, yet won”€™t shut up about Obama, these young peoples”€™ goal is to convince their peers that the incoming president won”€™t amount to much precisely because he will be much like the last one. Their message is not only Right, but refreshing.

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