October 22, 2008

One of my favorite moments in my long life was election nite 2004, chez Bill Buckley, where I had spent every presidential election since 1972. Henry Kissinger approached me and asked—referring to the magazine Pat Buchanan and I had launched two years previous—whom I’d be voting for. “Who have you endorsed?” I was quite drunk by then and although I had endorsed a candidate, I couldn’t come up with his name. The good professor pretended to be aghast. “You don’t remember his name?  You are not exactly a loyalist..”  You can imagine the rest. My choice was Mr. Michael Anthony Peroutka, whom years later thanked me profusely at a Joe Sobran lunch. Every time see Dr. Henry ever since, he always brings it up with grace and humor. “If only all politics was like this… a great newspaper tycoon who doesn’t remember his candidate’s name…”


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