April 16, 2009

One student newspaper contributor got it right when she said it looked as if “Satan himself had come to address the crowd.” Over one hundred leftists showed up to stage a protest against Bay Buchanan’s lecture at Vanderbilt University entitled “Illegal Immigration and Patriotic Assimilation”; they expressed their disdain for the rule of law and national identity, and, more specifically the formation of a new right-wing group on campus, Youth for Western Civilization.  The protest was organized by the coalition of the “oppressed,” including the Multicultural Leadership Council, LGBT, Students for Immigrants’ Rights, Vanderbilt Feminists, and at least one Vanderbilt faculty member who currently teaches Spanish and was a member of the Chilean Communist Party for 10 years.

The night before the protest, the left-wing campus rag put a piece brimming over with slander and libel up on their website.  When I contacted the editors concerning multiple factual errors and general mischaracterizations, they conducted an investigation and updated their website the following day, but not before sending the article off to print. Included in the piece were little nuggets like this: “Browsing through some of the articles and statements that this group of racists and xenophobes has published, one gets the impression that they have dreams of a segregated United States that has eliminated all persons who are of non-white (white being Western European) or who are of mixed ethnic backgrounds.”  The author also takes the liberty of declaring us a “hate group” (I thought only the Church of Morris Dees had God-given authority to do that!).

Speaking of libel and the SPLC, Vanderbilt’s YWC chapter reached true conservative status by receiving honorable mention on the SPLC’s Hatewatch blog. However, the reference in question falsely depicts Vanderbilt’s primary student newspaper, The Hustler, calling YWC “white-nationalist.” To the contrary, The Hustler has given us quite a fair shake, allowing us an interview that was podcasted and a balanced editorial.

The results of the left’s efforts to undermine our group have been wholly positive. We received citywide attention when Vanderbilt YWC appeared on the front page of Nashville’s paper, The Tennessean. The response was fantastic, as we received dozens of emails from well-wishers and willing donors.  In addition, our group’s membership has increased and students from other universities are contacting us, hoping to open their own chapters.
As alternative perspectives receive voice, the left’s childish name-calling tactics have given way and honest debate is taking place”€”even in classrooms (gasp!).  We were asked to give a talk to a seminar class concerning multiculturalism and diversity in higher education.

From Knob Creek

Despite our initial success, we realize the relative insignificance of our achievements.  The liberal orthodoxy still permeates nearly every aspect of our institution.  From the admissions process to the graduation speech, Vanderbilt University has come a long way from its traditional, Southern historical roots. But the scope of Youth for Western Civilization extends well beyond Vanderbilt, as we currently boast seven chapters, and are colonizing rapidly.  We will continue to expand and fight until sanity is restored to the Occident, and we take back that to which we owe so much”€”the West.  And as the Left will soon find out, one-word arguments aren’t gonna cut it.


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