Ross Hornblower

Ross Hornblower

Ross Hornblower is an as yet unpublished writer of comic fiction, and a former features-writer for the Aspen Daily News. He lives, somewhat reluctantly, in England.

Humor Me

My theory concerning the nature and provenance of laughter is both recently conceived and not at all dogmatic. It is also scientifically uninformed. It may even be wholly incorrect. Feel free to disagree with it at any point. I believe that laughter is the temporary result of, and reaction to, a ...

Roman Abramovich: Practical, Down to Earth, and Definitely Going to Heaven

What are some of the words that spring to mind when you hear the expression "€˜Russian oligarch"€™? "€˜Law-abiding"€™, "€˜easy-going"€™, "€˜intellectual"€™, "€˜profound"€™ are probably not—I"€™m guessing—among them. Much, it would seem, has been written and said ...

Forget Ferdinand, England Has Another Secret Weapon

I always used to give a snort of derision every time I heard football being referred to—on TV and only when I had stumbled briefly upon the wrong channel—as "€˜The Beautiful Game."€™  "€œBeautiful….???!!!"€ I used to ask the television set with a look of abject ...


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