Steve Sailer

Steve Sailer

Steve Sailer is a journalist, columnist for, and founder of the Human Biodiversity Institute, which runs the invitation-only Human Biodiversity discussion group for top scientists and public intellectuals. Steve blogs regularly at isteve and has recently published his first book, America's Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama's Story of Race and Inheritance.

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Our New Planet Is Going to Be Great!

Jul 17 2019

The fundamental issue of the 2020 presidential campaign is rapidly becoming whether or not America’s whites, as exemplified in the person of Donald Trump, have

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Dubious Domination

Jul 10 2019

Why has the American national women’s soccer team won its version of the World Cup four times, while our national men’s team hasn’t made it

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San Francisco vs. Frisco

Jul 03 2019

Sen. Kamala Harris leaped upward in the polls by denouncing Joe Biden for opposing racial school busing in the 1970s, citing how she was bused

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White and Bright

Jun 26 2019

A new study from Georgetown University reveals that if the student bodies of the 200 most selective American colleges were enrolled solely on objective SAT

Lit Crit

Redwood State Park, CA

Manifesto Destiny

Jun 19 2019

This Land Is Our Land: An Immigrant’s Manifesto by Calcutta-born NYU journalism professor Suketu Mehta takes pro-immigration polemics to their logical conclusion: “Immigration as reparations.”

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The Great Awokening Conspiracy Theory

Jun 12 2019

What accounts for The Great Awokening that began in roughly 2013? Why did vast numbers of white Democrats suddenly subscribe to theories that only Grievance

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Arguing Against Reality

Jun 05 2019

The term “Gell-Mann Amnesia effect” was coined by the late novelist Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park) in honor of the famous physicist who died last month.

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Ships of State

May 29 2019

The RMS Titanic was notoriously marketed as “unsinkable” because it featured sixteen internal watertight compartments. If its hull sprang a leak at any one spot,

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Jared Diamond

The Hunt for the Great White Male

May 22 2019

Jared Diamond, who became a famous public intellectual when his 1997 best-seller Guns, Germs, and Steel was widely proclaimed to have refuted The Bell Curve

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Adam Sandler

Flight From White

May 15 2019

James Holzhauer has won 22 straight games on Jeopardy! Meanwhile, baseball slugger Christian Yelich is leading the National League with 16 homers. What do they

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The Wisdom of Spotted Toad

May 08 2019

The good old days of blogging when just about any blogger could, at least until he ran out of ideas, be somebody has come and

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Hadrian's Wall

Barriers Against Barbarism

May 01 2019

One of the most fashionable manifestations of Trump derangement syndrome—the assumption that Walls Never Work—is crushingly debunked in historian David Frye’s eye-opening history of 4,000

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Notre Dame

The Embers of History

Apr 24 2019

Last week’s fire in the world’s most famous Gothic cathedral, Notre-Dame de Paris, reminds us of the increasingly awkward political issue posed by the immense

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Apr 10 2019

Why is discrimination against the short considered not only tolerable, but also amusing? In an era constantly on the lookout for prejudices to denounce, this

Crime and Punishment

Dept. of Justice, Washington D.C.

Hate-Based Faith

Apr 03 2019

The recent upsurge among white liberals of their quasi-religious belief that racial differences in average behavior can’t possibly be real—“the Great Awokening”—is on a collision

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SPLC Headquarters, Montgomery, AL

Morris Dees’ Mesoaggressions

Mar 27 2019

It was a bad week for polite society’s most respectable conspiracy theories, with the debunking of the Trump-Putin collusion allegation and more implosions among the

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Ta-Nehisi Coates

Bernie vs. Ta-Nehisi

Mar 20 2019

The Democratic 2020 race is shaping up into a battle between Bernie Sanders’ new Old Left and those candidates, such as Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris,


Truth or Trope?

Mar 13 2019

Once again, 2019 headlines appear contrived to vindicate my old ideas. For instance, last week’s amusing face-off between freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar, leader of the

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LARPing Hate

Mar 06 2019

Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left Is Selling a Fake Race War is a timely and witty new book from Wilfred Reilly, a youngish black

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The 21 Club

Feb 27 2019

When the national press trumpets its tales of white hate crimes, are the underlying realities more likely to turn out to be genuine examples of

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Fake Noose!

Feb 20 2019

You can call it Sailer’s Boast: Whenever there is some remarkably dumb development flabbergasting the respectable pundits, I’ve no doubt explained the entire phenomenon years

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Rep. Ilhan Omar

The Emperor’s New Clout

Feb 13 2019

While our society’s growing hate hysteria against straight white men may seem a bit demented, it is actually a logical requirement of the fundamental strategy

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The Allure of Protective Stupidity

Feb 06 2019

The most important aspect of the Grievance Studies hoax—in which three writers duped supposedly scholarly gender and race journals with absurd papers such as “Human

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The Scramble for America

Jan 30 2019

The Scramble for Africa became possible when Europeans began to use quinine to lessen the ferocious toll that malaria took upon whites. Before the later

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Identity Stalinism

Jan 23 2019

The media’s latest Days of Rage, in which a white boy drove the national press into a frenzy by smiling at the leftist Person of

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Santa Monica, CA

The High Price of Affordable L.A.

Jan 16 2019

With my hometown of Los Angeles coming back into fashion again, it’s worth wondering whether some of its traditional problems are fixable. Or do urban-planning