Steve Sailer

Steve Sailer

Steve Sailer is a journalist, columnist for, and founder of the Human Biodiversity Institute, which runs the invitation-only Human Biodiversity discussion group for top scientists and public intellectuals. Steve blogs regularly at isteve and has recently published his first book, America's Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama's Story of Race and Inheritance.

The Untold Story

Mind the Gap

Is the white-black IQ gap shrinking in the United States? Although many assume that the existence of sizable disparities in average IQ among the races simply must be “pseudoscience,” that different ethnicities average different levels of mental ...

11th hole, Bandon Dunes, Oregon


Tee Time

The 2020s have been a lousy decade in many ways. For example, tomorrow is the third anniversary of the “racial reckoning”: How’s that working out anyway? But at least the Covid years have been good for the game of golf, a sociable outdoor ...

Crime and Punishment

Gaslighting Ourselves

After the unfortunate death in the New York subway of mentally ill homeless guy Jordan Neely, I pointed out that much of the stress imposed upon daily life in New York by violent, free-range lunatics like Neely, who had been arrested four times for ...

The Untold Story

Who Needs Facts?

A central conundrum of the 2020s is why respectable opinion has gotten so out of touch with reality on questions touching race, such as crime. Are mainstream pundits lying, intimidated, deluded, hate-filled, or just stupid? It’s an important and ...

Edward Jay Epstein

Looking Back

Epstein’s Epic

Ever since his 1966 book Inquest documented that the Warren Commission’s own staffers believed that their enquiry into who shot JFK had been too rushed to be reliable, Edward Jay Epstein has been that highly useful rarity: a center-right ...


A Tale of Three Articles

Ever since the transgender school shooter in Nashville, the mainstream media has been on the warpath to impose more point-of-sale gun control...while continuing to encourage Soros-funded prosecutors to weaken the kind of point-of-use gun control ...

The Untold Story

The Death Boom

About thirty years ago I attended a presentation by an executive at a vast snack and beverage company. She announced that her firm’s goal was to have their delicious sugary and salty products within arm’s reach of every American at all times. ...

Royce Hall, UCLA


Low-Grade Fever

Last week, millions of college acceptances and rejections were sent out to high school seniors. While the 2023 data won’t be available for some time, using 2022 numbers we can now begin to assess the impact of 2020’s dual body blows to higher ...

Home Front

Seeds of Discontent

Mass shootings represent masculinity at its most toxic. Hence, we shouldn’t get carried away trying to discern important societal trends in the sample size of a single woman-bites-dog mass shooting in Nashville, in which a troubled young woman ...

Stanford University


To Encourage the Others

Tenure—lifetime employment for college professors—is under attack from all sides. The American custom of granting thirtysomething professors the right to a job for life was traditionally said by its defenders to go back to the 1900 dispute ...

Crime and Punishment

The Broken Arm of the Law

Occasionally, big media institutions still do valuable reporting. As you’ll recall, the prestige press humiliated themselves back in January when the story first broke about how five black Memphis policemen beat a black motorist to death. The ...

Deep Thoughts

A Difference of Degree

Perhaps because this has seemed like the coldest winter I can recall in normally balmy Southern California, I got to wondering: Why do northerners tend to be smarter than southerners? Is it because of the north’s cold winters, as Charles Murray, a ...

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