Tassilo Wallentin


Dr. Tassilo Wallentin, born in 1973, is an Austrian lawyer, columnist and bestselling author. After graduation, he taught at the University of Salzburg, then studied in the US and worked for a leading US law firm on the West Coast. He became a journalist under a pseudonym for one of the most important international newspapers. During this time he dealt intensively with politics, history, theology and depth psychology. Since 2013, he has been writing the successful "Frankly" column in Austria's KRONE BUNT. The accompanying books "Frankly" Volume 1 and 2 are bestsellers.

Issue of the Century

The West’s Head-in-the-Sand Policy

Aug 27 2018

A new, huge wave of refugees from Africa and the Middle East is rolling in. It is high time to face the uncomfortable truths. In