Welcome to the Shopping FAQs. We’ll address common shopping concerns here, but please feel free to contact us for further details and clarification

Shopping FAQ

A selection of common questions relating to the shopping experience

Q. How does the shop work? Is it similar to other online stores?

It is similar, but very simplistic. Whenever you click an “Add to Cart” button for a particular product, you will be taken to a “cart” page where you will see your current selections listed and you will be able to remove or adjust the quantities for each product.

To return to the shop, click the link in the top-right denoted by “Continue Shopping”, this will take you back where you were.

If at any time during your shopping you would like to review your cart contents, simply click the cart icon in the shop’s main menu (far right), or on a mobile phone, open the menu top-left and click the icon in there.

If you’re ready to make your purchases, please click the Checkout button on the “cart” page. This will transfer you to Paypal’s payment processing interface, where you will be asked to enter card payment details or select a Paypal account.

Please note at the end of the purchase process, it is possible there will be no obvious means of returning to the website, and that Paypal may invite you to sign up to their service. This is not necessary (click the ‘Not Now’ link below to dismiss the invitation). Please return to the site manually, by typing the address or selecting from a bookmark or browsing history.

Also note you should avoid using the “Back” button, as this might attempt to repeat the payment process and confuse the system and your browser. We apologise for the inconvenience, but it’s the best we could do at short notice!

Q. If I make a mistake with my order, can I cancel it even though my payment has already been taken?

If you contact us immediately following purchase, which you should do by simply replying to your purchase confirmation email, it is possible to cancel and refund any payments that are pending.

Your entire order will be void, but you may create a new purchase order thereafter. Please be aware that if the item has already shipped, no refunds or cancellations are possible. Please visit the shopping terms and conditions for further clarification.

Payment FAQ

Common card payment questions answered

Q. What kinds of payment methods are accepted?

The vast majority of cards are acceptable. Paypal is the payment processor for the shop, so you may use any method supported by their systems, or pay with an existing Paypal account. Signing up for the Paypal service is not necessary for purchasing; it is only a convenience feature.

Q. How do I know my payment was successful?

An email will be sent to you immediately once Paypal signals the payment process was acceptable. This is entirely automated. The email will be sent from Takimag Shop with the address info@takimag.com to your nominated address. This email will contain all the relevant details for your purchase, and you may reply directly to it for assistance of any kind.

Q. What if my payment is declined?

A payment failure can occur for various reasons and there are two situations that are likely to occur:

Either, the payment method is unacceptable for some reason; you will not be allowed to continue until necessary changes to the method, or details thereof, are made.

Or, the payment will appear to be successful, but it later transpires the payment could not be taken. In this case, we will contact you to inform you of the problem and give the appropriate advice.

Shipping FAQ

A selection of common questions relating to shipping

Q. How long is the delivery time typically and can i track my order?

Typical times vary by location and product type. Clothing is distributed from the USA by UPS. Wine is distributed in the EU by DHL. Thus, delivery will vary in accordance to the estimates provided by each carrier.

You will find answers to those questions on their dedicated pages: UPS | DHL

If you would like to track your order, please request it by replying directly to the purchase confirmation email. The tracking details will be sent to you.

Q. My package hasn’t arrived after many days. What should I do?

Please reply to the original purchase confirmation email stating your case. We will make the relevant enquiries and inform you of the shipping company’s response.

You will be able to make enquiries, complaints and requests with the company directly once you receive the tracking information from us.

We cannot investigate shipping problems for you, because once the purchase is shipped it becomes the responsibility of the carrier, but we will assist with any enquiry in any event.