© Damien Hirst/ Science Ltd, 2012
Photography Prudence Cuming Associates

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Made to Ordure

No doubt at least some in the art world gave a sigh of relief to learn that Damien Hirst’s latest retrospective, The Complete Spot Paintings, is dedicated to his innocuous colored spots. It will not feature putrefying cow heads, animal carcasses, flies, or maggots, even though the repellent and the revolting seem to hold a special charm for this ...

In Vogue

Oscar Fashion Wrap: What The Red Carpet Taught Us

Last night, the world stopped what they were doing and tuned into the red carpet event of the century, the 82nd Academy Awards. Since 1929, regular folk have been dazzled by the likes of George Clooney, James Cameron, and Gabourey ...

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In Defense of James Cameron

You might think that James Cameron, the man who wrote and directed the two biggest global box office blockbusters in history, Titanic and technologically groundbreaking Avatar, hardly needs defending. Yet, amidst all the denunciations ...

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Tintin’s Flawed Creator

Few cartoon characters have been loved"€”or argued over"€”more than Tintin, the Belgian reporter-cum-detective whose adventures have been translated into over 50 languages and sold over 200 million books. To be precise, it is not ...

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