Emmanuel Macron


Macron to Trump: ‘You’re No Patriot!’

In a rebuke bordering on national insult Sunday, Emmanuel Macron retorted to Donald Trump's calling himself a nationalist. "Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism; nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism." As for Trump's policy of "America first," Macron trashed such atavistic thinking in this new age: "By saying we put ourselves first ...


An Enduring Problem

As promised, I will try to explain the relevance of nationalism as part of the present American predicament.  A good starting place is Dr. Fleming’s fine article that serves as an introduction to the subject.  There are ...


Have a Patriotic Independence Day

Two hundred and thirty-one years have passed since a bunch of rabble-rousing troublemakers declared the independence of 13 American colonies from their mother country.  Much has changed in that time, and it’s all too easy for ...

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