July 17, 2012

First came that menstrually segregated “€œmosqueteria.”€ Then their Che Guevara lesson plan. Has the always entertaining Toronto District School Board outdone itself with its newly uncovered “€œAfricentric Approach to Teaching Mathematics, Science, and Technology“€?

Some of you are tsk-tsking, “€œYou mean Afrocentric!”€ with an almost audible sniff.

Shows what you know.

Progressives delight in constantly and arbitrarily reengineering the English language. This rigged game of musical chairs ensures that we reactionary racist rubes always land on our rhetorical butts.

So when black Torontonians and their liberal enablers started clamoring for “€œAfricentric”€ schools a few years back, the local paper was obliged to run a helpful sidebar explaining why the right word wasn”€™t “€œAfrocentric”€ anymore:

“[I]t’s African-centered education, and there is no “o” in the word Africa,” said Dr. Patrick Kakembo, director of the African Canadian Services in Nova Scotia. “Why should it be Afro? That’s a hair-do.”

Now you know.

Anyhow: What does an “€œAfricentric”€ curriculum look like?

“€œProgressives delight in constantly and arbitrarily reengineering the English language.”€

A PowerPoint presentation at the TDSB website offers a sample Africentric class project, circa 2008.

Children were assigned the following question: “€œWhy is President-Elect Obama’s win important to science?”€

Yes, Canadian children. (And this plan was presumably put together before Obama slashed NASA’s budget.)

But it gets better, if”€”imitating our leftist friends”€”we redefine “€œbetter”€ to mean something closer to “€œcringe-inducingly horrific.”€

Because the next photo depicts two black children obediently printing out the following answer, presumably at their teacher’s prompting:

“€œI think it’s important to science because it shows that black people are just as smart as white people.”€


OK, I”€™m a bitch, so I”€™ll play along:

If being elected president means you”€™re “€œsmart,”€ surely that proves George Bush is twice as smart as Obama, right?


Man, this “€œAfrican math”€ is too hard for my poor white brain!


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