December 05, 2023

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Rampant crime is a major concern these days, but the GOP hasn’t profited from it. It’s puzzling why a topic that used to be a no-brainer for Republicans hasn’t yielded the electoral successes of the 1990s.

Of course, there are reasons. Establishment GOPs are too race-shy to broach the topic, MAGAs long ago lost interest in any crime story that doesn’t involve freeing the J6ers, and “dissident rightists,” who do bring up race, “bundle” crime with Jew-hatred and Holocaust denial (this is akin to back when Google insisted that to use YouTube you had to create a Google+ account. And how’d that crap-bundling work out for Google+?).

It’s a bad time to be a grandma walking to the market; the only one in your corner is Daquan, waiting there with a gun.

Another reason conservatives are struggling with the crime issue is that they tend to lump different things together as “crime.” This robs their message of focus. Refusing to distinguish between types of criminal endeavors has become a rightist specialty. For example, every time some incel shoots up a school or public square, rightists respond with memes about black inner-city shootings.

“It’s a bad time to be a grandma walking to the market.”

“AKSHUWALLY, more people died from shootings in Chicago last weekend than in that Walmart massacre, but liberals don’t care about those deaths.”

Yes, because liberals are better at the game. They understand, even though they’ll never admit it, that Daquan-on-Daquan violence doesn’t strike a chord of anxiety in the average white voter. When ten blacks shoot each other at a ghetto BBQ, nobody cares. And rightly so—deep down we all know that herd needs thinning. Indeed, as I’ve stated many times, the only semi-solution to America’s domestic racial problems is for the public to become comfortable with de facto inner-city “reservations” for unsalvageables, and that solution depends on whites not caring about reservation crime. The rightist fetish of highlighting inner-city shootings, under the bizarre belief that doing so will manipulate leftists into going, “Oh no, we are the real racists after all,” is counterproductive to the goal of getting Americans to forget and neglect those wastelands as they do Injun reservations (plus, leftists can’t be manipulated into guilt anyway, so why even try?).

What causes voter anxiety is the fear (however remote the possibility) of their kids, or themselves, being shot by a nutcase while at school or shopping. Leftists use that fear to promote gun curbs. Rightists, back in the 1990s, understood that precisely because black-on-black violence doesn’t resonate at the ballot box (especially among blue-collar whites), the best way to spin crime for the GOP was to focus on black-on-white violence, and—as I said—no establishment GOP or MAGA (“Trump’s been endorsed by BLM! Yay!”) will go there anymore, and the “race realists” who do go there fuse black-on-white crime to Holocaust denial, which negates its effectiveness.

So we’re left with a sobering reality: The “crime” issue now mainly benefits the left. Incels shooting up Walmarts spooks the public. Leftists spin it for their own ends, while rightists try to invoke black-on-black violence to take the focus off the (admittedly rare) instances of public-square mass shootings. But blue-collar whites yawn at the mention of welfare DeQuarrelo shooting welfare LaQuedia, so the messaging falls flat, leaving attempts to stimulate those voters by invoking black-on-white murders in the hands of Nazibois who befoul the message by coupling it with Jew-hatred.

There’s a pseudonymous right-wing “mommy blogger” named Peachy Keenan who’s the new Fox News-approved “future of conservatism” (a graveyard of failed “futures of conservatism” would be larger than Arlington). “Peachy” has a new book that’s gonna save the nation (well, it’s about fucking time). She claims to have the magical cure for America’s ills, and I’m gonna bet it’s “the family,” because no conservative has ever said that before.

Last summer Peachy tweeted about how the under-construction “Purple” subway line connecting Downtown L.A. to the beach will mean the fall of Beverly Hills (where Peachy doesn’t live), because the line has a stop in BH (meaning, the subway will import Downtown trash into BH):

The Purple line will let allow [sic] anyone on Skid Row downtown to travel to Beverly Hills and the Westside in case they need to pick up a few things at Louis Vuitton or Tiffany’s. RIP Beverly Hills…. BH has fallen.

Putting aside the obvious stupidity of this argument (there have always been 24/7 bus lines from Downtown to BH—one on Wilshire and one on Santa Monica Boulevard), what interests me is how “Peachy” conflates black crime with homeless crime. Drugged-out Skid Row bums are not the ones who conduct Vuitton heists. For transients, they’ve always had the buses. Yeah, I know you think that the subway’s a nicer form of transportation than crowded stinking buses, but the mentally ill homeless like crowded stinking buses. That’s why the buses are crowded and stinky; the homeless like it. Don’t judge these wrecks by your standards; these beasts crap their pants daily…they don’t appreciate aesthetics and cleanliness as you do.

The subway won’t bring in any bums who wouldn’t otherwise come via bus.

Regarding black crime, Peachy’s suggestion that the subway will bring more of that seems based on the leftist myth that American blacks are so poor, so downtrodden, they can’t afford cars (just like they can’t get IDs, as any Dem will tell you). Sorry, Peachy, this isn’t 1930 Mississippi; American blacks actually can get cars.

Yes, blacks do sometimes come into BH to rip off whitey or Jewey, but they drive, because the distance from here to where L.A.’s remaining blacks live is considerable. And the idea of LaDarquan robbing a restaurant in BH, then walking to the subway station (patrolled not by LAPD but by the far more aggressive BHPD), and then just…waiting, standing there 20 minutes for the next train, then boarding the train, making two transfers, waiting ten or twenty minutes for each train, then walking—still carrying the loot—to Crenshaw, is stupid (L.A. is not NYC; our train stops are quite far apart).

Blacks need cars for the kind of crimes they commit in BH. They’d steal one before performing the kind of Ocean’s 11 planning it would take to get to BH and back via train.

So problem No. 1 for rightists regarding crime is that they can’t/won’t distinguish homeless crime from black crime. Both are bad, but they’re different.

Problem No. 2…

A few weeks ago, the LAPD deployed a robot dog to handle a standoff on an L.A. bus in which a black guy had fallen asleep with a gun by his side. Not knowing if the gun was loaded, or real, and not wanting to risk officers’ lives, the cops evacuated the riders and deployed a mechanical camera-dog to wake Sly Stoned and order him off, hands up.

It worked; no cops or civilians were injured.

And how did large-following MAGAs react? With anger at the LAPD, because surely these robot dogs will now be used to oppress patriots!

Citizen Free Press
“The dystopian future is here.”

Wall Street Silver
“LAPD is starting to deploy robot dogs. It will only be a matter of time before we see an armed version of robocop dog. Are you ready for this? 🚨🚨🚨”

“Expect the robot dogs to be killing us as a part of Agenda 2050 would be my guess. Remember the carbon they want to eliminate is YOU!”

Redneck Lee
“Robot police dog 🐕 ? 😂🤣 Because the LAPD are P#ssys”

Unkle Sam
“When they’ve got the digital IDs & social credit scores setup, the cameras with facial recognition, GPS info linked up with AI algorithms, the Internet of Things on all ‘SMART’ devices, CBDCs, and the robot dogs deployed on the streets, it’s game over. The Hill(s) to Die On.”

Brent Okuley
“We need to rollout the robot dogs. Begin mass desensitization protocol!”

Shadow Defense
“We hope some bad person does not hack into the police robot dog and make it run away or attack the police. that would be so bad.”

This is just a tiny selection of hundreds of MAGA tweets attacking the robot dog for defusing a situation without putting officers’ lives in danger. Because that’s where MAGA is now. Thanks to Trump, Jones, and J6 apologists, MAGA’s no longer anti-crime; MAGA’s anti-cop. This is the curse of J6 (and, by extension, the curse of Trump).

Wouldn’t it be great to take advantage of the current conservative SCOTUS to revisit all those ACLU-pushed precedents that gave the homeless the right to crap in front of schools and set up tents in playgrounds?

Oh, wait—sorry. The J6 “Camp Auschwitz” guy needs legal defense, and all resources must go to him.

Okay, that’s overstatement. But even if there were a movement to roll back deinstitutionalization, if there were a push to make it easier to commit the mentally ill, you people wouldn’t support it. And you know that. You threaten bloody revolution at the mere mention of “red-flag laws.” You’re gonna get behind a drive to make institutionalization easier? You’re gonna return to the old days when someone could be institutionalized for comments and thoughts instead of actual physical harm?

For QAnons and Alex Jonesians, their greatest hero is Isaac Kappy, a schizophrenic bit-part actor who recorded a bunch of videos alleging that Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg satanically molested him. Kappy was a nutcase; he’d occasionally show up at acting gigs and spit at people while groping himself (several friends of mine had the misfortune of seeing this firsthand). Dude threw himself off a freeway overpass in broad daylight as traumatized bystanders tried to talk him down, but that didn’t stop the QAnons and Jonesians from calling him a “truth-teller” about the “pedo cabal” who “died mysteriously.”

You think for a moment that MAGAs, QAnons, and Jonesians are gonna allow the kind of preemptive institutionalization of psychos that would be necessary to significantly reduce the problem of schizo crime? These “based” bullshit artists who rant about how good the 1950s were would never stomach 1950s-era commitment policies. The first schizo to livestream, as he’s being chased by dudes with butterfly nets, “Help! I know the truth about Tom Hanks and Moloch! I’m being silenced!” would become a folk hero and a focus of far-right sympathy and dollars.

1950s institutionalization policies were way worse than any modern-day “red flag” law.

Me? I’d bring it back in a moment; I’m always on Team Sane. But way too many of you guys worship the reality-detached. Ain’t no way you’d stomach a return to the old straitjacket days, any more than you’ll stomach robot dogs even if they save the lives of cops.

The right gave away the crime issue. Rightists will bark and snap about it, but like rabid (non-robot) dogs, they’ll bark and snap at the solutions, too.

Rising crime was a gift horse to the right. MAGAs turned it into crazy glue.


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