April 25, 2012

Anders Behring Breivik

My brother has just been to stay with me in Italy. He may be a top London lawyer, but he is a mixed-up liberal lefty. He has lots of rich Muslim clients”€”a mere coincidence, no doubt.

“€œMuslims make no distinction between church and state. The church is the state,”€ I told him. “€œThat’s OK, is it? I mean, in London, in 2012? They”€™ve even got Sharia courts now, I hear.”€

I suggested that one fine day in London the punishment for homosexuality, adultery, and apostasy might become death by stoning.

So he said: “€œYou wouldn”€™t be able to say what you”€™re saying in London. You”€™d be arrested for incitement.”€

“€œNot even in private at a dinner like this?”€

“€œYou wouldn”€™t be invited.”€

“€œSo four wives is fine, is it?”€

“€œThey need the permission of the other wives.”€

Anders Breivik, 33, has finished his time in the witness box. He is on trial in Oslo for slaughtering 77 Norwegians one day last July.

“€œI am not alone in my insane and evil right-wing racist extremist thoughts. I reckon that most Europeans think exactly the same way as me.”€

I condemn what he did, his lack of remorse, and his defense. He said the massacre was necessary”€”therefore justifiable”€”as a preemptive strike done “€œout of goodness, not evil”€ to defend Norway from Islam. He compared his actions to when America dropped atomic bombs on Japan in 1945. He said he chose Norwegian left-wingers as victims because they, not Muslim immigrants, are to blame for “€œdeconstructing”€ Norway. He said his aim was to create “€œan al-Qaeda for Christian Nationalists in Europe,”€ and he had fully expected to be shot at the scene.

He insists that he is sane. I believe him.

Nearly every time I read something Breivik has said about Europe’s “€œIslamification”€ being enabled by the Euro left’s ideology of multiculturalism I find myself thinking: “€œHe’s right.”€

This defines me instantly as a “€œright-wing racist extremist”€ and therefore both “€œinsane”€ and “€œevil.”€

I am not alone in my insane and evil right-wing racist extremist thoughts. I reckon that most Europeans think exactly the same way as me. It is merely that they are too afraid, or not allowed, to say so. But I am also certain that neither I nor the majority in Europe are right-wing racist extremists, nor are we insane or evil.

We are simply normal. It’s multiculturalism that is abnormal. And this explains the record vote (17.9%) for the “€œfar”€ right Front National candidate Marine Le Pen in the French presidential elections. She wants to defend France as well. So au revoir multiculturalism, mass immigration, and the euro.

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