December 11, 2023

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Quelle surprise was caused in France recently when Charles de Gaulle’s grandson, Pierre, suddenly announced his intention to apply for citizenship in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Why? Because, Pierre told Russian media, “I am happy to see that you fight for traditional values: family, spirituality. All these values have disappeared in Western countries.”

Yet many Westerners today would criticize Pierre for fleeing hypocritically toward a highly bigoted nation, whose “traditional values” are actually inherently backwards. Within a few weeks of de Gaulle’s announcement, for instance, Putin’s Supreme Court passed legislation banning international LGBTQ rights groups as “extremist,” something immediately condemned in liberal Western capitals like gay Paree. What sensible Frenchman would want to live in a place like that? Not professional baguette-suckers like Jean Cocteau or Jean-Paul Gaultier, for sure.

Russian to Judgment
It is, of course, true that there are obvious human rights abuses in Putin’s Russia (e.g., all those political opponents who suspiciously “fall out of windows”). And you can indeed easily find amusingly over-the-top examples of bigoted sentiments there. Consider last year’s big new hit game show I’m Not Gay!, the laughable premise in which eight men are locked in a Big Brother-style house and informed that one of them is secretly homosexual. At the end of each episode, they have to vote to expel the one they think is the queer; if they succeed, the remaining heteros share two million rubles ($5.67) in prize money.

“Maybe under certain circumstances, bigotry might actually be a good thing.”

Presented by comically homophobic Russian MP Vitaly Milonov, a self-styled ultra-Orthodox “demon-hunter” who claims to have the paranormal ability to detect deviants by their distinctive “gray smell” alone, the program is indeed highly prejudiced.

“I hope that you will quickly figure out the gay,” Milonov tells players, before semi-naked lap dancers, male and female, are paraded in front of them so they can critically gauge one another’s penile reactions. Referring sarcastically to Western firms’ withdrawal from Russia since the Ukraine invasion, Milonov’s opening voice-over states that “Finding a gay in our country is like finding a working McDonald’s. They definitely exist, but there are very few of them and not everyone knows [where they are].” “I’m Vitaly Milonov, and I’m for certain not gay,” the host then reassures viewers, before speaking of the need to hunt out “the gay weak link.”

Meanwhile, when a Russian sushi chain put out an advert featuring a single black man in 2021, they were accused of spreading “propaganda of multiculturalism” in a basically all-white country, and its owner threatened with violence. Eventually, the chain offered an official apology for employing an African model, thus reversing Henry Ford’s classic old sales line “You can have any color so long as it’s black.”

What an absolutely terrible, bigoted country Russia must now be for oppressed minority groups of all kinds! So why on earth would a free Frenchman like Pierre de Gaulle choose of his own unforced will to move there? Probably in order to escape from some far worse bigotry aimed against oppressed majority groups like him (he’s white, Christian, and straight) currently taking place back home.

The Unfree French
Some readers may be aware of events currently playing out—or, according to most media and the authorities, definitely not playing out—in Crépol, a small village in southern France. On the night of Nov. 18, a few hundred local youngsters gathered in the village hall for a dance. Then, the usual French tragedy these days struck: Some Muslims arrived.

A gang of deprived/depraved (your choice of vowel immediately reveals your politics) “young men with issues around stabbing,” as an old BBC satire once put it, from a nearby ghetto turned up and tried to barge inside, before engaging in what French media disingenuously called a “brawl,” but which really should have been labeled a “pogrom.” A “brawl” implies a fight with grudges and punches swapped on both sides, but this was simply a targeted slaughter of unarmed children by Muslim youths equipped with knives and blocks of concrete, who specifically and explicitly said, “We’re here to stab white people,” as confirmed by at least nine separate witnesses.

In all, seventeen victims were wounded, including a bouncer who had his fingers sliced off (and then was accused of “racial profiling” by critics for not just letting the Arab attackers in), some of whom ended up in a serious condition in hospital, whilst one 16-year-old boy, Thomas Perrotto, died of wounds after being stabbed in the heart and throat. It appears there has been a poorly reported wave of innocent French persons having their throats slit by unknown assailants in approved halal fashion recently, although this has been strangely obscured by French authorities describing them as suffering from “wounds to the thorax,” presumably banking on the fact most people probably won’t realize what this intentionally vague phrase actually means.

All the purported attackers apparently came from La Monnaie, a crime-ridden Muslim no-go ghetto area, or banlieue, and were of North African origin, ancestral homelands to which some of the accused reportedly planned to flee from arrest following the stabbing spree. Several of those subsequently apprehended were already well-known to police, and past social media posts of some were dredged up saying things like “I like my country, long live…[French social security benefits], the free dentist, but I don’t like the French”—a dislike strong enough to make his gang go out and stab some, evidently. Didn’t the degenerate who typed these words realize who it is that actually pays all the taxes that fund his friends’ life of state-subsidized leisure/crime? It certainly isn’t men called Abdul.

The Far-Right Are Not Far-Wrong
Naturally, the French “Far-Right” (so-called) united, with Marine Le Pen, figurehead of the Islamo-skeptic National Rally Party, calling such homicidal Muslims “armed militia” who were organizing “raids” on their ethnic enemies, whilst her niece Marion Maréchal decried “anti-white racism hitting our countryside” and Éric Zemmour, leader of the well-named Reconquest Party, lamented how “Our martyrs [like Thomas] are innocent victims of the war of civilizations.” The hashtag #francocide (i.e., genocide of white French people) began trending online—Renaud Camus’ warning of the Great Replacement was coming true after all.

Soon, armed white mobs were marching on the banlieue that had spawned the attackers, bearing banners saying things like “Justice for Thomas” and “Islam Out of Europe,” supposedly unacceptable sentiments that had them automatically labeled as “Ultra-Right” by French media. That’s a new one. The now-meaningless term “Far-Right” has by this point evidently lost its former propaganda power by virtue of massive overuse.

What next? The “Mega-Right”? The “Über-Right”? The “Incredi-Right”? These days, it seems if you’re “Far-Right,” there’s a fair chance you might actually be one of the good guys.

However, there is a reason such banlieues are no-go zones, even for riot police, and the “Ultra-Right” came off worse: One of their number was reportedly pummeled unconscious with a golf club, burned with cigarettes, stabbed in the hand, threatened with being burned alive in gasoline, stripped naked, and left in the street for dead by a rival mob of North African racists. Although it later transpired that this man may not even have been a member of the “Ultra-Right” after all, footage of his prone body apparently posted online by his gloating assailants called him a “fascist” anyway. I thought many Holocaust-loving Islamists these days were big fans of Hitler and Himmler?

Potentially Headless, But No Chicken
In the wake of these early skirmishes in France’s forthcoming interethnic civil war, Marie-Hélène Thoraval, mayor of the local region (and another “fascist,” according to critics), gave an interview explaining the precise state of the banlieue in question: a worthless, ungovernable, crime-ridden, drug-filled, Islamist shithole, just like all the rest of them.

Entire “generations of delinquents” had been bred there on the public franc, said Thoraval, with millions being pumped into the clan-governed, unemployment-filled area by the moronic, do-gooding state, like free food into a bottomless stomach, with repair costs for local vandalism of government-provided amenities alone amounting to some 500,000 euros per annum. But don’t forget—without mass non-white immigration, the entire European economy would immediately collapse! The European black-market economy in drugs, Kalashnikovs, and people-smuggling, maybe.

For daring to tell the truth, Thoraval immediately received threats that she was going to be decapitated and have her skull transformed into a juggling ball. As deranged Islamists really have been beheading innocent Europeans in France and Ireland sans guillotine recently, she judged this to be “a real death threat” rather than just web trolls clowning around: Thoraval should watch her Thorax.

They’ve Got Some Gaul
What particularly annoyed Thoraval was the failure of French public prosecutors to admit there was even any racial element to the slaughter in Crépol at all, there supposedly being insufficient evidence to do so—apart from all the explicit witness testimony, video and audio recordings, maimed kids, chopped-off fingers, and poor dead Thomas. Instead, prosecutors implausibly claimed the violence merely broke out for “petty reasons,” implying it was just a normal teenage scrap got out of hand.

Really? If initial reports are true, there appears to be infinitely more evidence that Thomas Perrotto was the victim of an intentional racist killing than that George Floyd was, yet only one of these deaths will be allowed by the authorities to upend Western nations’ entire legal systems on the grounds of racial discrimination, or so it would appear.

Why won’t the authorities and media just admit what the families of the victims say is the obvious truth in cases like Crépol? Ah, well, that would be bigoted, wouldn’t it? It might lead to the fueling of public prejudice against North African Muslim criminals and other such “young men with issues around stabbing.” So what? Maybe under certain circumstances, bigotry might actually be a good thing, and prejudice simply a useful civilizational or ethnic self-defense mechanism.

If Russians today are so bigoted against non-white foreigners that they boycott a restaurant chain just for showing a lone black man in an ad, for example, then, bad though that may be in and of itself, it also means they are unlikely one day to be colonized and then see their own children slaughtered by mass-imported outsiders for no greater cause than that of assuaging their self-hating political superiors’ misplaced sense of racial generosity. Maybe that’s why Pierre de Gaulle is moving to Moscow? There at least the bigotry is directed against visible and unassimilable outsiders, not their own people and those who look and act like them.

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