June 26, 2017

Source: Wikimedia Commons

In case you weren”€™t aware because you”€™re some kind of bigoted and closeted asshole, this is Pride Month. Across our rainbow-colored planet, men who enjoy shoving other men’s penises in their anuses strut on city streets publicly declaring to the world that they”€™re proud of what they do. Joining them are women with a seasoned taste for halibut as well as men who say they”€™re women and women who say they”€™re men”€”what used to be known as “€œliars.”€

They were all having a gay old time until the black people showed up. Complicating matters even more amusingly, many of the black people were themselves gay. But they were also proud of being black, and as we all know, that matters.

During the Capitol Pride parade in DC earlier this month, a group of organized black sodomites calling themselves No Justice No Pride blocked the parade route. In Columbus, OH, police made four arrests after black activists foiled yet another gay parade to draw attention to the acquittal of a Hispanic cop who shot and killed a black man named Philando Castile.

“€œThey were all having a gay old time until the black people showed up.”€

In Toronto last week”€”despite being personally invited as guests of honor”€”Black Lives Matter sourpusses entirely shut down a parade of hapless mustachioed white men in leather ass chaps and five-hundred-pound naked white lesbians painted like the planet Earth. Barking like a chocolate Rottweiler through a megaphone, Toronto BLM cofounder Alexandria Williams hectored the helpless homos about how they supposedly support and are enabled by a “€œhistorical and current culture of anti-blackness.”€ This past weekend, the same angry blacks descended like dark clouds over rainbow celebrations across the land.

Why in tarnation are these nutmegs so angry?

For one thing, they claim that gay clubs discriminate against them. Whether it’s through dress codes or carding them upon entry or even claiming that the club is packed when it’s obviously empty, gay blacks are shrieking to the high heavens that they can”€™t go in and have a nice drink and possibly contract an incurable STD just like privileged white gays can. In Philly’s gay ghetto”€”known as the “€œGayborhood”€”€”black fury erupted at the release of a surreptitious recording of a local gay club owner saying the word “€œnigger“€ and complaining that black patrons are the only ones who keep begging for free drink tickets. Based on nothing more than an ad for a Manhattan bar that featured white and Hispanic muscle fags, a recent article sincerely asked, “€œIs a NYC gay bar excluding black patrons“€?

According to Isaiah Wilson, who apparently receives a paycheck from something called the National Black Justice Coalition, the LGBT movement has been “€œwhitewashed”€ and the alleged “€œcontributions”€ of black homosexuals and trannies have been “€œdevalued.”€

Exactly what were they contributing besides semen?

In an article for the increasingly ridiculous Huffington Post, a young black rump-wrangler named Donovan Trott chides white male cum-guzzlers for not engaging in interracial sex: “€œAn Open Letter To Gay, White Men: No, You”€™re Not Allowed To Have A Racial Preference.”€ Yet at the same time, he bashes gay whites who actually have a sexual desire for Asian males as “€œrice queens”€ and slams whites who like black males as “€œchocolate chasers.”€ So you”€™re racist if you don”€™t want to fellate them and you”€™re racist if you do. These white fags can”€™t catch a break!

When gays started referring to their thrust for political power as “€œthe new civil rights movement,”€ many blacks blanched at the notion. After all, when blacks were being denied restaurant tables and forced to drink from inferior water fountains, gay whites could just blend in and pretend they weren”€™t gay.

But da blacks can”€™t be blamed for disliking da gays. Despite the fact that homosexuality is illegal in 34 African countries, this is obviously the result of white colonialism, even though to my knowledge homosexuality is not illegal in any white countries.


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