March 23, 2024

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Nashville, TN, along with many other urban areas that have suffered for years, even decades, under Democrat-Leftist control, was not immune from the “mostly peaceful” Burning, Looting, and Murdering that took place during that long hot summer of 2020. In fact, Nashville was rocked by violence to such an extent that the mayor was forced to declare a state of emergency and called out the national guard as arsonists ran wild, even managing to set fire to the city’s courthouse.

The aforementioned long hot summer of 2020 came about by the death of career criminal George Floyd while resisting arrest in Minneapolis that Memorial Day weekend. Of course, the way it was depicted in the media was that an innocent-as-the-day-is-long black man was randomly stopped by white police officers and intentionally murdered for no reason other than he was black and they were white. And cops. Besides the rioting that turned scores of inner cities into Dresden redux, a political movement came from seemingly out of nowhere to defund the police, empty the prisons, and essentially decriminalize crime. The blood libel of America as irredeemably white supremacist also drove blacks to the polls to help get rid of Donald Trump, who has been continually slimed as “literally Hitler” before, during, and well after he was deposed in the wake of the 2020 election.

“Democrat Leftists are allowed to say whatever the hell they want, regardless of consequences real or imagined, because they get to control the language.”

Having wrested control of the government on the myth of black genocide at the hands of white police and a structurally racist criminal justice system, the resulting national crime wave, compounded by orders of magnitude by thousands of dangerous violent criminals amongst the millions of illegal migrants flooding in due to a nonexistent border and immigration control, has blown up in the collective face of Democrat politicians. That’s because, despite being the butt of a sarcastic joke, “minorities and women are hardest hit.” Quite literally. To stave off electoral disaster this November as they lose constituents en masse as a result of the aforementioned, some Democrat politicians are joining Republicans in trying to reverse the disaster of the Defund the Police movement.

But still, Leftist racialist brainwashing is a hell of a drug.

State Sen. Charlane Oliver, who represents Nashville, said the Republicans’ pro-police legislation is “rooted in racism,” and will force those in her district to “fight like hell.” The bill was sponsored by Republican state Sen. Brent Taylor after Memphis passed an ordinance that banned traffic stops for issues such as expired registrations, a single inoperable headlight or brake light, and loose bumpers, News Channel 3 reported.

The Memphis city council passed the ordinance following the death of Tyre Nichols, a black man, who was fatally injured during a confrontation with five black Memphis police officers on January 7, 2023, after he was pulled over….

“So yeah, we gonna fight,” Oliver added. “Dr. King said that riots are the language of the unheard. You ain’t seen nothing yet. If you keep silencing us like this, what do you think our district is going to do? We have had it up here. Gloves are off. Like, we gonna fight like hell. You don’t expect us to respond when you gaslight us every single day with these bills?”

So, a vote doesn’t go her way and this Charlane Oliver threatens that there will be riots in Nashville if a law she disapproves of is passed. Considering what happened during the summer of 2020 in Nashville and elsewhere, any reasonable, rational human being would say that Ms. Oliver was threatening to unleash a (wait for it)…BLOODBATH?!

Multiple media outlets, liberal pundits, and pretty much everyone who can’t stand former President Donald Trump engaged in a virtual feeding frenzy over the weekend, frothing at the mouth over his campaign rally comment promising a “bloodbath” if his 2024 presidential bid is unsuccessful.

Anyone reading the headlines published by a number of mainstream outlets might believe that Trump was not just predicting, but calling for, political violence if he were to lose another election….

But while those outlets and others were only too happy to share that one cherry-picked line—Trump predicts ‘bloodbath’ if he loses in November—they were equally happy to leave out the fact that at the time, he was specifically talking about the automobile industry and the economic impact of a company owned by Communist China building cars in Mexico to avoid U.S. tariffs.

As we know all too well by now, to even attempt to point out the chutzpocrisy of the Democrat-Left is like micturating into the 600 mph eye of Jupiter. That is, of course, their standard operating procedure in terms of how they function socially and politically and, via one of Saul Alinsky’s infamous “Rules,” what they will beat us over the head with every single chance they get, the accuracy of the charge be damned.

It’s why I get so exercised about language insofar as what is and is not appropriate and more crucially who gets to be the arbiter of it. Of course, that has been the sole purview of the left since they went full tilt boogie in undermining our society since the sexual revolution, the women’s movement, and the complete undermining of the legitimate civil rights movement, going on 60 years. All of it aimed at seizing absolute power. And the control of language is a, if not the, prime super weapon in the Democrat-Left’s drive to dominate us. There are quite a few people who get irked at Trump for “shooting his mouth off.”

I get irked at him for other reasons, mostly in terms of staff and past policy. But if, because of this, we’re going to suddenly demand that he somehow forces himself to literally think before uttering every word at every single rally and interview going forward, then it’s over. Love him or hate him, Trump’s greatest asset is what some perceive as his Achilles’ heel: his mouth. And it’s only an Achilles’ heel insofar as we allow the Democrat-Left to make it so. His ability to connect with an audience speaking off the cuff is something the other side cannot do. Especially the demented vegetable presidential poseur whose brain is melting by the hour and can’t put two coherent sentences together even with a teleprompter, idiot cards, and a media that is covering for him and covering it all up, with lesser and lesser effectiveness the closer we get to November.

So, rabid racialist Charlane Oliver, because of her pigmentation, gender, and most crucially because she has the magical “D” after her name, gets to threaten actual, real violence in the form of “riots.” If this story even gets covered in the regime’s usual house organs, you can bet your bottom dollar the propagandists are going to invoke the word “context” out the wazoo, which is funny since the actual context is a direct threat to foment civil unrest.

But of course, you must always remember this axiom that my buddy Ace at AOSHQ coined: “Our speech is violence, but their violence is speech.” More than that, Democrat Leftists are allowed to say whatever the hell they want, regardless of consequences real or imagined, because they get to control the language. Unless and until we no longer accept that situation, we’ll always be under the gun.

And please don’t take “under the gun” out of context, or else my head will explode. Literally. Or not.

UPDATE: On the heels of declaring it would be the Jews’ fault if Biden loses the election because they refuse to back the calls for a cease-fire that would allow Hamas to finish Israel off for good, James “Skeletor” Carville let this slip while talking with Anderson Cooper:

Using the euphemism for spilling blood during murder, Carville said, “Not so much him I mean to be candid Anderson, President Biden is not the best attack politician. I’ve ever seen in my life and hopefully leave it at that. But they are a lot of people to do what I call a quote, the wetwork, unquote.

Cooper said, “It sounds like a mob hit.”

Carville said, “Kind of, but it’s a paid TV and stuff like that. But yes it’s CIA term to take a guy out. But he doesn’t need to do to what work people like me and other groups in the party need to do that he he’s not very good at it. I don’t think people want to hear from that. And then he can he can cruise along at a better altitude, but this has got to be done and they’ve got a precious advantage right now and they have it.”

Despite Skeletor starting to babble like Joey Sponge-Brain Sh*ts-Pants when his dementia meds wear off, remember, he’s talking to Anderson Cooper, an ally on a house organ of the junta. And he’s using actual terminology that the intel community uses to mean assassination and caps it off with “this has got to be done and they’ve got a precious advantage right now and they have it.”

Meaning Trump has to be assassinated and the CIA has the opportunity right now to do it. One of two things is going on here. Either this is illustrative of the fact that the Dems are out of their minds that Trump is going to actually win in November or they are so cocky and loose-lipped in front of their friends that they can openly boast and/or suggest what will be or should be done.

But Trump said “BLOODBATH”! Sheesh.


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