Last week, Canadian cops arrested more than 30 people operating a massive “€œinternational crime ring.”€

A police spokesman carefully described those charged as “Roma,” but the Toronto Sun tabloid wasn”€™t shy about employing what will no doubt soon come to be known as “€œthe G-word”€: Gypsies.

The accused thieves are Hungarian “€œrefugees”€ who easily lured fellow lowlifes over from the old country by touting Canada’s generous welfare programs and soft-touch refugee system. Yet the days of the “DPs” are long gone. Exactly what are residents of a modern liberal democracy such as Hungary refugee-ing from?

The answer: Nazis such as you.

“€œIf the only “€˜free”€™ thing Gypsies don”€™t want to exploit in their adopted countries is an education, they deserve being called inferior.”€

At least that’s the answer if you”€™re Bernie Farber, who’s still one of Canada’s “Official Jews” despite the demise of his once-mighty Canadian Jewish Congress (I helped).

From his unpaid perch at The Huffington Post, Farber’s playing the world’s smallest (Gypsy) violin on behalf of another allegedly persecuted ethnic constituency: the Roma currently flooding into Canada. They cost taxpayers millions of dollars in police stings, bureaucratic paper-shuffling, new “inclusive” school-board lesson plans, and all that finger-lickin’ social assistance”€”including the welfare checks some Gypsies were still receiving after being deported. Those millions are a pittance next to the $17 billion the EU has set aside for something called the “Decade of Roma Inclusion.”

Gypsies, you see, were murdered by Hitler, just like Jews! Since Farber’s true religion seems to be what I call “€œHolocaust-ianity,”€ such historical coincidences are supposed to shame the rest of us into embracing these leeches. If we remain unmoved, we”€™re obviously right-wing racist scum.

(Thousands of Canadian goyim were also “€œmurdered by Hitler”€ while fighting the Nazis during that same war. Oddly enough, that fact has never managed to endear white working-class Canuck males to Farber, who is proud of the career he’s made helping censor precisely that group of citizens.)

These Roma “€œrefugees”€ aren”€™t citizens, but for a well-to-do urban liberal such as Farber, that’s a feature, not a bug. When your career is conspicuous compassion, the more exotic one’s new “€œpet,”€ the better. So Farber has courageously vowed to “€œstand shoulder to shoulder”€ with his freshly adopted “€œvictim”€ group.

I hope they lift his wallet.


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