May 28, 2013

Enoch Powell

Enoch Powell

Has anybody apologized to Enoch Powell yet?

The British establishment declared the Conservative MP a nonperson back in 1968 after he warned that unchecked Third World immigration would engender catastrophic domestic unrest.

His address was dubbed the “Rivers of Blood” speech. Powell, a classical scholar, had alluded to the Tiber and to Virgil’s Aeneid, but opponents and supporters alike omit that detail. Powell, they all came to believe, had predicted “rivers of blood””€”that of battling blacks, browns, and whites”€”flowing through London’s streets.

Which brings us to last Wednesday’s beheading in Woolwich.

We’ve all seen the footage of killer Michael Adebolajo, 28, born a Christian in England but now a Muslim “revert” radical with an “innit” Ali G. accent.

“From the Crusades to Afghanistan, the West has been obliged to respond to Muslim aggression.”

Caught on tape literally red-handed, Adebolajo averred that he was simply avenging Western invasions of Muslim lands. That ever-popular alibi for Islamic violence is, paradoxically, both theologically sound and historically illiterate.

To tackle the latter: From the Crusades to Afghanistan, the West has been obliged to respond to Muslim aggression. Recently, we even fought on their side”€”thanklessly, it turns out. (Ditto our compulsive embrace of Muslim “refugees.”)

Islam declared war on America shortly after the nation’s birth, back when America’s leaders still officially disapproved of “foreign entanglements.”

Next time Muslims threaten to kill over a cartoon or a teddy bear or the “swirl” on Burger King ice-cream packaging, recall that one Muslim Brotherhood founder swore eternal enmity toward the United States in 1949 after he witnessed men and women shamelessly dancing cheek-to-cheek at a dry church social to the tune “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

(To those who still wonder why liberals are so forgiving of every Islamic idiocy, that single song may offer one accidental answer.)

When I think about colonialist invaders massacring innocents by the millions, somehow neither Indonesia nor Sweden spring to mind. What are they, then? The “Microscopic” and “Subatomic” Satans, respectively?

The British-born killer’s fixation on “his” “lands” is particularly pathetic. Canadian Muslim (and tireless anti-neocon) Tarek Fatah points out tartly that due to the color of his skin, Adebolajo “wouldn’t get a job as a janitor” in a “Muslim land” such as Iraq.

You see, Muslims mostly kill other Muslims, something Adebolajo neglected to mention.

Many were astonished that bystanders did little to help Adebolajo’s victim (except pray for him after he died) and that it reportedly took Woolwich cops almost twenty minutes to show up.

Hell, forget the notoriously ridiculous British constabulary (three of whom, on or about the time of the beheading, were cautioning an 86-year-old woman against manufacturing a comically large wheel of cheese). Think about it: This soldier was murdered outside an armory, a place which, one might be forgiven for assuming, is stocked with arms and perhaps even a few fellows trained in their use.


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