February 28, 2011

Mr Donald Trump

Mr Donald Trump

Would you vote for The Donald for president?

Compared to Obama, anyone with sense would vote for him. Obama is a disaster, like Bush II before him. But what about Trump when compared to other potential Republican candidates such as Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, or Sarah Palin?

Trump recently appeared on the Piers Morgan CNN interview show, marking the unofficial opening of his White House run. Here’s the transcript.

He is an experienced businessman who can finance his own campaign and hence be somewhat free of Washington lobbyists. He speaks his mind, even if he is wrong. He has plenty of name recognition and a can-do spirit. He has never held public office. He is a nationalist but also anti-war. He says he has never had a drink or smoked.

Trump is anti-China and says he wants to slap a 25% tariff on all Chinese imports. “That will bring them to the table,” he says. If such a tariff were actually installed, it would likely push inflation through the roof. How he”€™d be able to put the China genie back into the bottle without wide-scale repercussions is a mystery. Trump says he wants hard-charging businessmen such as himself, not State Department diplomats, negotiating with the Chinese. Trump may not have been kidding when he stated, “The president of China comes in, we give him a five-star dinner at the White House….I would have said come to my office, let’s talk. And if we don’t work out a deal we send him to McDonald’s and send him back.”

“€œIvana was the most self-centered person I had ever encountered. I concluded that Donald Trump must be a man of infinite patience, understanding, tolerance, kindness, and bonhomie.”€

Trump’s other whipping boy is OPEC. He suggested to Morgan that the president should pick up the phone and tell OPEC to backtrack on oil prices. My guess is that Trump wants to increase domestic production by drilling. More supply, the price goes down. Increased supply is the only way the US could impact OPEC. Wharton School of Business graduate Donald Trump knows that.

Trump has proclaimed that he is staunchly pro-life and against gun control. As for healthcare, Trump threw CPAC a choice cut of red meat: “I will fight to end Obamacare and replace it with something that makes sense for people in business and not bankrupt the country.” Hopefully, Obamacare will be declared unconstitutional and a dead issue before Trump or anyone else is forced to deal with it.


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