January 09, 2015

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Activists set a new low in terms of abject stupidity this week by haranguing brunching millennials in that known fascist stronghold we call Manhattan. Called “€œBlack Brunch,”€ leftist hooligans in New York are hitting effete white progressives where it really hurts: over eggs Benedict. 

Here’s how it works: a flash mob descends upon your favorite breakfast spot with bull horns and signs. Some yelling, clapping, placard-brandishing, and shaming of white folks who can afford Sunday brunch ensues. “€œActivists”€ then pack it up and head to the next spot. Rinse, repeat. Video footage is shamefully scarce, but if you”€™ve got a strong stomach, check this out. Unsurprisingly, lots of white people who appear likely to have degrees in the soft sciences are mumbling along as well. 

It’s a response to the nonexistent rash of police officers shooting people who are just minding their own business and not trying to grab the cops”€™ guns while more or less daring them to fire. While I tend to feel the same way about police that Bukowski felt about people”€”I don”€™t hate them, I just feel better when they”€™re not around”€”it’s hard to deny that their job, particularly in urban areas, is difficult, dangerous, and full of split-second decisions which can mean the difference between merely ruining their careers and ending up dead.

“€œFamiliarity breeds contempt. It’s easy to support left-wing thugs at PBR keg parties in Vermont and Oregon. It’s another thing to do so when they”€™re yelling at you while you eat.”€

It might have taken some cojones to sit down at a Birmingham lunch counter in the 50s, even with a well-coordinated national campaign and copious media support behind you. After all, you were the one who was going to get a milkshake poured on your head. Walking into a posh Manhattan brunch spot filled with young progressives who think they deserve to be harassed requires no boldness or bravery whatsoever. It requires nothing more than a smug sense of moral superiority. 

Even if you don”€™t live in New York, beware: a mob of two dozen protesters descended upon that other bastion of white supremacy and fascist reaction: Berkeley, California. If you live in a more proletarian community, fear not. I don”€™t anticipate the local branch of Students for a Democratic Society or the International Socialist Organization is going to start showing up at truck stops outside of Erie or Knoxville yelling at you while you sip your coffee anytime soon. 

Those who live near high concentrations of NPR member-listeners, however, should make sure their favorite boozy brunch spots are troublemaker free.

The central claim of Black Brunch”€”that they are “€œinterrupting white supremacy one brunch at a time“€”€”is laughable on its face. In what reality are categorically “€œoppressed”€ people allowed to bark insults at their “€œoppressors”€ while they try to eat? One also wonders when eating eggs for lunch became a symbol of white supremacy. 

If there’s any “€œsupremacy”€ in America, it’s the cultural supremacy of Frankfurt School-tinged leftism. It’s hard to conjure to mind any other brand of lawlessness and incivility that would enjoy thoughtful head nodding from the corporate media. Could, for example, libertarians get away with screaming at EBT users queuing at their favorite fast-food joint? I doubt it. An army of chin waggers would denounce the action using adjectives ranging in strength from “€œundignified”€ to “€œfascistic.”€

America professes but one faith when it comes to socially corrosive protest. The brunch busters have it. You don”€™t.  

In disrupting the brunches of Manhattan new-media socialites, the identity-politics left have (once again) overplayed their hand. It’s not as if they”€™re disrupting time being spent in leisure by their political opponents. On the contrary, they”€™re harassing the very type of white people who are stupid enough to have voted for Barack Obama twice. This in a city with a pro-Sandinista politician in the mayor’s office, no less.


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