April 16, 2024

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To get the formalities out of the way, yes, I was perma-banned from Twitter by the “free speech” Musk regime.

And I gotta say, I’d come to really like many of my followers, so please remain in touch on Substack (it’s free, you cheapskates).

Why’d I get banned? A tale old as the hills: A neo-Nazi Holocaust denier attacked me as I was drunk at 7 a.m., and I wasn’t in the mood for the sieg heiler’s shit, so I told him that he’s very brave hiding behind an anonymous account, but if he wants to come to Beverly Hills in person, I’ll put him six feet under.

The Nazi went crying to Musk, and because I’d made a Nazi weep I was banned.

“Musk’s moved beyond ‘allowing’ Holocaust denial to protecting it, and I’m not the only one noticing.”

Every day on social media I’m condemned by anti-denier morons who haven’t read a word I’ve written since 1992 and attack me for being a denier, and pro-denier morons who haven’t read a word I’ve written since 1992 and celebrate me for being a denier. And when I try to explain that I’m not a denier, the anti-deniers, who claim to be rationalists who’ve totally not turned “6 million” into a religion, tell me that my views today are irrelevant—in 1992 I blasphemed the Holocaust and that’s an unpardonable sin, but hey it’s not like they’ve turned historiography into a religion or anything. And the deniers, who claim to be rationalists who’ve totally not turned “280,000 cookies” into a religion, tell me that my views today are irrelevant—in 1992 I brought wisdom from on high, holy tablets that can never be amended because that would be blasphemy, but hey it’s not like they’ve turned historiography into a religion or anything.

It’s a unique hell, and the reason I drink.

And on April 4 I snapped at a Nazi and got banned by the billionaire who called a British cave diver a “pedo,” only to claim, during the defamation trial, that it was just “bro talk.” Bros talk tough online and say things that aren’t meant to be taken literally.

But my “bro talk” was a perma-ban offense.

So let’s talk about why.

Musk’s moved beyond “allowing” Holocaust denial to protecting it, and I’m not the only one noticing. The day after I was banned from Twitter, Kim Iversen, bimbo member of the Tucker Carlson/Max Blumenthal/Aaron Maté left/right anti-Jew horseshoe axis (which I covered last month) who became a Holocaust denier because of course she did (it’s a rite of passage—“Goebbel Goebbel Goebbel Goebbel, one of us, one of us!”), posted a YouTube video about how great it is that Musk is making Holocaust denial mainstream, because the lying Jews have it coming.

YouTube allows Iversen’s videos after nuking my entire anti-denial channel last year because Media Matters Mongoloid Eric Hananoki told them I’m a denier.

Iversen is correct; Musk is indeed promoting Holocaust denial, in part by giving the worst deniers wrist slaps for infractions that get anti-deniers banned. Take the case of one of the highest-profile deniers on the site, a retard named Angelo “Lucas” Gage, a military veteran (who single-handedly cured me of ever again saying “thank you for your service”) whose manner of speech comes off as so brain-damaged, he constantly has to remind his followers that he never took head shrapnel.


In February this vegetable (with 247,000 followers) went beyond denying the Holocaust and outright advocated assaulting Jews. And he got a two-week ban from Musk. “Oh, you naughty Nazi! Go to your room for two weeks, then come back and have some pie.”

“Me…like…PIE! PIE……GOOD.”

Gage is back, denying away. Whereas I got a lifetime ban.

But here’s where we come to the interesting part. While Iversen was boasting about “Yay! Holocaust denial’s mainstreamed by Musk,” deniers on Twitter like Gage and 660,000-follower Jake Shields, an MMA champion (another meathead), were bitching that they were being persecuted on the site. It’s a fascinating dynamic: thousands of people posting Holocaust denial while saying, “I’m not allowed to post this.”

Dude, you’re posting it. It’s hilarious. Every day, Shields posts something along the lines of “Why can’t we question the Holohoax?” and his fellow tards reply, “Yes, why can’t we question the Holohoax?” and a few guys will be like, “Dude, you are. You’re questioning it, and getting huge engagement.”

Each day on Twitter numerous idiots (including Gage, Shields, and Stew Peters) post a video I did in 1992—a video-for-hire that I’ve long denounced—and say, “Watch this banned video that I’m not allowed to post on Twitter”…as they’re posting it. With no ban or takedown.

Deniers are the far-right’s Daquans. The eternal victims. You can give them the keys to the kingdom and they’ll still claim to be locked out. The Holocaust revisionists I worked with 34 years ago, yeah, we got a lot wrong. And we got a few things right. But we at least pretended to be interested in “finding out what really happened” (for my part, that genuinely was my desire. Whatever mistakes I made, they were one-half good faith and one-half youthful arrogance). But now Holocaust denial has become the white man’s victimization bitchfest. Deniers like Musk’s favorite Ron Unz Naziboi Keith Woods claim that “Holocaust lies” are what destroyed the West. Woods, Gage, Shields, and their millions of followers all toe the same line: “The Jews lied about being made into soap and lampshades! And because of those lies, whites are forever oppressed. A-bew-hew-hew!

These “macho” meatheads like Gage and Shields, all they do is whimper that dey’ze been victimized cuz some meanies told a lie eighty years ago.

If I may channel Pacino from Glengarry Glen Ross, what fruits, what faggots, what children. The veteran, the MMA thug, these phony tough guys spend all day on Twitter whining that in a war eighty years ago, someone said something factually questionable and it’s lit-uh-ruh-lly murdered them.

The weakest-minded among us act like lying in warfare is the greatest sin, while they have no problem with killing in warfare. “Oh, he shot some kids? Ho-hum, that’s war for ya. But he lied? Verily, I am slain by the mendacity.”

We 1980s/1990s revisionists, for all our faults…and lordy we had many…at least understood that untruths during wartime are to be expected. You don’t act shocked by it, you don’t use it as an excuse to forever play victim. You say, “Yes, there were untruths, and in some cases misunderstandings,” and you revise the history to expunge the untruths and correct the misunderstandings.

But that’s not what today’s deniers want to do. They have zero interest in understanding history (that’s why they never read books. It’s a thing with them—memes only. Books are forbidden!). They use Holocaust denial the same way the worst of the Daquans use slavery: “Dey dun wronged me in da past and dat dun screwed up mah people.

Just as blacks are given every advantage, every get-out-of-jail-free card, yet still claim to be victimized, same thing for Holocaust deniers. Musk gives them immunity, and they still have to scream, “I’ze bein’ oppressed.” Because these are people looking for a reason to excuse their own shortcomings. Daquans and deniers are peas in a pod.

But it goes beyond that. Why does a guy like Musk, who is certainly not a brain-damaged meathead, champion denial?

Because he can’t say what he likely wants to say.

“The kaffir savages fucked up my birth nation. And here in my adopted nation, you can’t even launch a rocket without being grilled about how many kaffirs you employ.”

Whites are unhappy with the current state of the West, but also, most of them don’t want to attack individuals based on their race. Let’s be honest—many of us, on any given day, may think, “I wish there were fewer blacks around here.” But we don’t say it because we also know a lot of decent blacks, and it’s human nature to not want to come off as vicious toward decent humans based on nothing but their skin color.

And I think Musk’s a decent guy, which is why he’s gravitating toward denial, because it gives him a scapegoat for the West’s decline that doesn’t involve being mean to individuals. By blaming “Holocaust lies,” “soap and lampshades” for the West’s woes, you’re not blaming living humans, you’re blaming long-dead ones; you’re blaming a concept. “I ain’t sayin’ I hate all Jews. Just them liars who said ‘soap and lampshades’ eighty years ago.”

Holocaust denial will continue to rise because saying “Holocaust lies sunk our civilization” allows a wide spectrum of people, including Musk and that hellish right/left Carlson/Iversen/Blumenthal/Maté clusterfuck, to blame the West’s decline on something abstract, instead of “kikes,” “niggers,” or “beaners,” while looking oh so intellectual while doing it.

So, reality check: No, WWII untruths are not the cause of your woes. “Soap and lampshades” was never part of the established postwar history of the Holocaust, and sure, dime-store novels promoted such lurid tales, just as they promoted lurid tales of the Old West (“Jesse James shot my grandma in the cunny!”). Nobody has ever gone to jail for denying “soap and lampshades.” Nobody has ever gone to jail for saying, “The number isn’t 6 million.” Reitlinger’s 1953 masterwork The Final Solution gives a lowball figure of 4.19 million, and that book is legal all over Europe (Reitlinger never mentions “soap and lampshades;” conversely, he debunks—back in 1953—some the “wildest legends” of the Holocaust).

The West is fucked up because a bunch of whites in America really loved slavery, and another bunch of whites in America decided to use slavery as a reason to fight the other bunch of whites, and both bunches of whites were too stupid to understand that eventually mass African importation would become a bill come due, while meanwhile in Europe another bunch of whites decided to raid the darkie continents while giving the wogs and nogs citizenship, education, and medicine, keeping them alive and reproducing because bleedin’ hell we’s Christians we is we is, we’ze not monsters wot wot.

The Holocaust is not your misfortune. Had Hitler, a bloodthirsty butcher, not invaded Russia, the European war wouldn’t have become the society-altering apocalypse it did. Churchill was a snake, to be sure, but his deceitful orchestration of a war over Poland was a containable fire. The cataclysm came with Barbarossa. And the millions of murdered Jews are real, so take some responsibility, white Daquans; the West’s decline is not the fault of the Holocaust.

Just as I must take responsibility for the alcoholism that prompted me to tell a Nazi I’d kill him.

End of the day, this shit falls on us. The denier whiners who say otherwise are pathetic weakling losers.

Which, of course, means they’ll prosper. That’s our world today.

I think I’m gonna make this my standard sign-off this year: “What a mess…what a fucking mess.”


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