May 14, 2012

Greece, the cradle of Western Civilization, seems destined to become either the West’s coffin or the site of its rebirth. The nation’s debt crisis, combined with the fact that it’s a primary entry point for illegal immigration into Europe”€”in 2010, nine of every ten “€œmigrant”€ outlaws sashayed into the EU zone through Greece”€”have helped fuel violent street clashes between far-left (i.e., internationalist) and far-right (i.e., nationalist) factions for years.

Last week’s elections were largely a repudiation of the political center, specifically the EU’s financial stranglehold on Greece. Although unashamedly pro-communist parties won a far higher quotient of the votes, most media outrage was predictably focused on the fact that the nationalist party Golden Dawn received 7% of the total. Pundits referred to Golden Dawn’s minor victory as “€œabsurd and repugnant,”€ “€œa dark day for Greece,”€ “€œa scary development,”€ “€œa political horror,”€ and all the other histrionic scare terms typically spewed by compliant media lapdogs trained to establish an immediate”€”although immediately fallacious”€”connection between the merest squib of nationalist sentiment and the Holocaust.

“€œTruly, they have not learned the lessons of history,”€ lamented one pundit. “€œDidn”€™t the Europeans learn anything from history?”€ wailed another.

Dismissing all opposing ideas as “€œoutdated”€ is a sly leftist tactic that’s seemingly been employed ever since Karl Marx posited that global communism was a historical inevitability. If you don”€™t swallow any of this “€œscientific”€ Marxist gobbledygook in one piece without even chewing, well, you”€™re living in the past, comrade. It doesn”€™t matter that communist thugs were cracking heads in German streets before Nazis ever existed or that Karl Marx was dead long before Gabriele d”€™Annunzio ever published a word.

“€œFor some Greeks, it seems to have come down to a choice between Golden Dawn and Goldman Sachs.”€

As if it was an invisible ideological communion wafer, we are expected to swallow the idea that World War II was mainly a clash of good v. evil rather than a battle over land and resources. We are further expected to believe that the Allied victory proved that the Nazis”€”and via the magic of guilt by association, any ethno-nationalist impulses wherever they arise forevermore”€”have been refuted and discredited, when all that was really proved was that the Allies were more efficient at killing and bombing than the Nazis were.

And, lest you be called a racist anti-Semite and jailed for your thought crimes, blot forever from your mind the idea that communism killed far more people than fascism ever did. All dead bodies are equal, but some are obviously far more equal than others.

The European Union, which operates more like a financial dictatorship over its vassal states than a government reflecting the popular will, has sought to criminalize all “€œracist”€ and “€œxenophobic”€ behavior to the point where they”€™d probably seek to jail you merely for demanding that they provide quantifiable definitions for these slippery and ultimately idiotic smear terms. Their demand for absolute ethnic tolerance is always accompanied by absolute ideological intolerance.

The EU, displaying rank dictatorial arrogance in a 2000 document aimed at “€œcountering racism and xenophobia in the European Union,”€ has instructed its media minions to goose-step in 4/4 time with its revisionist reclassification of all national pride as mental illness and character deficiency:

14. Calls on media organisations to establish a code of ethics to combat racism and xenophobia and to monitor compliance with it;
15. Calls on the European media to help provide young people with information on the recent history of Europe, particularly as regards discrimination and the extermination of the Jewish community in the Nazi concentration camps….

No mention is made of helping young people understand that tens of millions of their own blood ancestors also perished during “€œthe recent history of Europe.”€


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