June 27, 2014

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Ever notice that when you read an article on something you know a lot about, they”€™ve got 50% of the facts wrong? Whether it’s a story about your hometown or your favorite band, it’s always shocking how half-assed the journalists are. Apparently, lots of people have noticed this. Last week, we learned of a Gallup poll that said confidence in the media had plummeted to 22%. In 1979 it was 51%. This is because we”€™ve gone from investigators hitting the pavement to ideologues pounding their keyboards. A reporter used to go where the story led him. Now he starts with the story and crams in facts until it fits.

This may be because the demand for news outpaces the supply, so they blurt out, “€œUh, the guy who hit Tracy Morgan was up for 24 hours because Walmart,”€ since it sounds good. It may be because print ads are dead and income is increasingly based on the number of clicks a web article gets”€”hence the term “€œclick bait.”€ Another far more sinister possibility is the vast majority of reporters are basically Marxist liberals and they use the news as a propaganda tool for the “€œgreater good.”€

I suspect it’s the latter. There are too many fake stories that fit the liberal narrative for it to be an accident. It seems like every time we see evidence of the left’s hateful worldview, we learn it’s a hoax. Remember when KFC demanded a disfigured girl leave their restaurant because she scared the customers? That never happened either. How many times have we found “€œFaggot”€ and “€œNigger”€ scrawled on a wall only to discover later it was done by the same non-hetero-normative person of color who claimed to be a victim? Is there anyone in the country who isn”€™t convinced every journalist outside of Fox is in the tank for Obama?

“€œA reporter used to go where the story led him. Now he starts with the story and crams in facts until it fits.”€

I often wonder … wait; “€œwondering”€ is a hate crime. When Cliven Bundy dared to wonder if some blacks were better off during slavery he was vilified. Fuck it. I”€™m going to wonder. I often wonder why these journalists want America to be a hellhole full of prejudice. I think it’s because their academic years consisted of far-left professors telling them the entire country is a Klan rally and they had better devote their careers to untangling this mess.

When they get a job at MSNBC, Media Matters, Raw Story, or Daily Kos, they look around and see a bunch of totally reasonable white males saying “€œHello, how do you do?”€ Their war on hate quickly becomes a war on a vacuum, so they start randomly grabbing detritus to fill the hole.

They are able to continue this charade unabated because they don”€™t live in the real world, so there are no checks and balances. They don”€™t know any truckers, so they don”€™t realize it’s impossible for them to work more than 11 hours a day. They”€™ve never been to the ghetto, so they can keep pretending gun violence is about whites hunting blacks. It’s easy to assume everyone is a racist, sexist homophobe when you only talk to other liberal journalists.

At this point, almost every time I hear something that fits the narrative, I assume it’s false. Remember when the black guy from SNL said black women aren”€™t funny? It started a huge backlash of people listing funny black women and calling him a sexist, racist, horrible dude. They”€™d have National Enquirer-esque headlines such as “€œKeenan Thompson Thinks Black Women Aren”€™t Funny”€ with his actual quote showing how wrong they are right below it.

“€œIt’s just a tough part of the business,”€ he said, describing his own personal experience; “€œin auditions, they just never find ones that are ready.”€ I knew he never said “€œBlack women aren”€™t funny.”€ You can just tell. Of course, he’s lamenting the fact that they can”€™t find any. He’s BLACK for crying out loud.

I”€™ve personally been through this false narrative meat grinder a million times. This morning, I learned that selling my shares and having American Indian children can still mean I”€™m a “€œracist”€ who was “€œfired”€ (I told the editors I plan to sue so the link may change). All modern journalists need to justify their false allegations is to point to other lazy writers who make stuff up. A few months ago, while discussing food stamp abuse on Hannity, I asked why our poor are so fat. Another guest said it’s because they lack nutritional education, and I explained it’s not a “€œfat pill”€ you take once and balloon out. The headline became, “€œFox News guest tells Hannity: “€˜Overfed”€™ blacks use food stamps as a “€˜fat pill.”€™”€ (They changed it to “€œnon-whites”€ after I threatened the author with violence.)

When I said I find Neil deGrasse Tyson’s fans annoying and added, “€œHe could defecate on them and they”€™d be dancing in the streets,”€ Media Matters called it a “€œrace-based attack.”€ Al Jazeera called me Fox’s “€œhouse racist”€ and spent half an hour discussing the conservative right’s hatred of science. Death threats ensued, coworkers quit, and eventually Facebook revoked my page. I don”€™t think you”€™d get the same response if you found Bill Nye annoying.


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