April 14, 2011

If one were to”€”hypothetically”€”shoot every other public-sector worker in the back of the head, I believe you would not notice a single blip, hiccup, or ripple in the country’s operation. Things might very well improve, including our national finances.

The state sector is the chief vehicle by which the witless, the retarded, and the pathologically lazy can find employment. They produce nothing, they do nothing, they mean nothing. It is why the political left embraces them and why they in turn cling to the political left”€”all at the poor bloody taxpayer’s expense.

Inside the state machine, ability does not count: People are automatically elevated and rewarded with myriad and meaningless posts in diversity directorates, health and safety departments, and every other bureaucratic embolism clogging the country’s lifeblood. But the masses of time-wasting and self-serving state-sector lard-arses would have you believe their six-hour-a-day non-jobs are critical to our national prosperity and well-being. Funny how we survived long before the spendthrift lunacy of the Blair-Brown years added nearly a million of these idle inadequates to the state payroll.

These are the types who are marching now, who howl resentment at the nominal budget cuts, who cannot believe that real life has so rudely intruded. How they wail and screech that they were drawn to public-sector work through a selfless love of humanity and an overweening desire to serve. I am unsure whether to retch or laugh. Few of them would survive in the environment outside”€”the one in which initiative and responsibility are required.

“€œWere I to go on strike, to mount a sit-in, or to whine about what society owes me, I would starve. That is our lot in the private sector.”€

A teaching assistant recently complained on national radio that she had selflessly sacrificed a glittering private-sector career to do her classroom bit for the nation. Heart-rending stuff. I would put money on her being scarcely able to pick up dog shit from a sidewalk or to roll broiler chickens in a secret bread-crumb recipe.

These idiots assail us everywhere. Spot the adenoidal Martian who leads the Labour opposition addressing his party faithful and the angry public-sector workers. He tells them they are loved and represent the majority. And he is utterly wrong. Such delusions are commonplace among the left. After all, various Labour placard-wavers claimed affinity with the Egyptian demonstrators of Tahrir Square. Yeah, right.

Labour and their union backers are telling us that cutting the deficit is an immoral Tory conspiracy. They would say that. But stare into the abyss and consider the figures. In Britain we are heading for a trillion pounds and beyond in our national debt. We are paying well over forty billion a year in interest payments alone”€”as much as the entire defense budget. Those annual interest payments are anticipated to rise to eighty billion pounds within the next few years.


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