June 10, 2016

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Last week I discussed our present state of “€œpeak topsy-turvy.”€ It was a frustrating climb, but the reward at the top is we get to watch the “€œinmates who took over the journalistic asylum”€ destroy themselves.

After months of telling us we”€™re violent and violence isn”€™t the answer, we learn they think violence is okay as long as they”€™re the ones doling it out. Beta-faced Vox editor Emmett Resnin was just suspended for a week (with pay) after advocating violence against Trump supporters. HuffPo’s Jesse Benn agreed with Resnin, exclaiming, “€œSorry Liberals, A Violent Response To Trump Is As Logical As Any.”€ I”€™d be stunned if either of them has ever been in a fight. The Killer Mike contingent of the Bernie Bros, however, is much more likely to “€œthrow down,”€ and so they did when confronted with Trump supporters at a rally last week. Only they weren”€™t Trump supporters. They were fellow Bernie Bros. The bloodied but unbowed boobs then chanted, “€œBernie! Bernie! Bernie!”€ while hoping nobody caught the incident on camera. We did.

“€œWe”€™re going to leave you to your own devices because it’s fun watching you fail.”€

You may be confused by this behavior because it’s conservatives who are the stupid rednecks getting everything wrong. Liberals are the calm, rational ones. Turns out they got it backwards. As the most “€œepic correction“€ of the century goes, “€œthe manuscript was exactly reversed.”€ That’s right, the paramount study on what side is nuts, “€œCorrelation not causation: the relationship between personality traits and political ideologies,”€ is completely topsy-turvy. “€œThus,”€ the retraction states, “€œwhere we indicated that higher scores…reflect a more conservative response, they actually reflect a more liberal response.”€ This is exactly what I was screaming last week when I said we need to put all of modern society in a Word doc and go: edit, find, replace all.

The transocalypse is an even better confluence of cuckoldry to watch collapse. ACLU director Maya Dillard Smith helped push the cognitive dissonance that gender is a social construct and if a giant man with a deep voice says he’s a woman, he is. If said woman wants to use the ladies”€™, only a fool would stand in her way, right? It sounds reasonable on paper, until a couple of weeks ago when Dillard Smith’s daughters were stuck with two bosom buddies who were so clearly male, it left the ACLU director with a huge pile of “€œquestions for which [she], like many parents, was ill-prepared to answer.”€ She quit and the bully from The Simpsons went, “€œHa-ha.”€

Bathrooms are fun, but you can”€™t eat popcorn in the loo. Sports is the ultimate entertainment and nowhere is the myth of equality more evident than when it’s slapped in the face by the meritocracy of athleticism. George Costanza would like to play in the NBA and it seems mean to say no, but Jewish actors playing neurotic Mexicans can”€™t jump, “€œSorry, liberals.”€ Trans sports isn”€™t about a new kind of woman competing in women’s sports. It’s about men competing in women’s sports. Guess what happens when you do that. The women get obliterated. One of the more intense examples of this happened exactly a year ago when a dude with tits who calls himself Fallon Fox pounded Tamikka Brents so hard she was knocked unconscious. “€œI”€™ve never felt so overpowered ever in my life,”€ Brents complained afterward. Once again, the people insisting men are women and women are men are left with blood on their hands.

The charade has continued unabated since then. In April of this year, 60 Minutes reported on an incredibly gifted female athlete who got a swimming scholarship at Harvard. She then decided she was a dude and they dutifully moved her over to the men’s team where she went from ruling to sucking. This is where America is headed, by the way. Watching zirs fellow athletes high-five zir and try to ignore the scars where ze had zirs tits removed is a perfect example of how determined we are to ignore what is right in front of us. Feminism and gender equality are really about taking the miracle of childbirth away from women and turning them into shitty dudes.


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