November 06, 2023

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On 20 October, just in time for Halloween, pumpkin-headed Swedish Greentard Greta Thunberg accidentally sparked a vampire hunt. Doing her best to dispel the stereotype of climate activists all being clueless far-left student radicals, following the outbreak of the latest Israel-Gaza War, Thunberg posted a needless image of herself online holding a placard saying “STAND WITH GAZA” beside other fellow travelers displaying phrases like “THIS JEW STANDS WITH PALESTINE” and “CLIMATE JUSTICE NOW.”

But alongside her also lurked a small stuffed toy octopus…

The image of the Jew-as-octopus is a standard anti-Semitic trope, used to denote the way such Elders of Zion allegedly hold the entire world economy tight within the planet-spanning grip of their slimy Semitic tentacles. Often, the Jew-as-octopus merges with the even more age-old slur of the Jew-as-vampire, the idea being that such greedy financial bloodsuckers secretly pull the strings of global finance, bleeding entire national treasuries dry through Shylock-like usury and enforced debt slavery for all.

“Schools and colleges have been totally captured by the true vampire octopus in the world today—leftism.”

Squids In
Recall the popular characterization of the investment bank Goldman Sachs as “a giant vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money,” first made by the journalist Matt Taibbi in a piece for Rolling Stone magazine in 2009. Goldman Sachs was founded by Ashkenazi Jews and, whilst Taibbi himself had no specific intention of spreading such a classic anti-Jewish stereotype, it seems he may have accidentally helped do so nonetheless.

Just look at the following online meme depicting an octopus- or squid-like Facehugger critter from the Alien movie franchise, emblazoned with a Star of David, suffocating the face of the Statue of Liberty, draining America of all life. This image caused controversy in 2019 when it was reposted by a left-wing U.K. Labour Party activist named Kayla Bibby during the baleful period the Party was led by amateur Trot Jeremy Corbyn, who infamously described Hamas and Hezbollah as his “friends” (although only in the name of using “inclusive language”).

According to Bibby, she meant her post purely as criticism of Israel’s supposedly excessive influence over U.S. foreign policy, not Jews per se; although as she apparently copied it from an alleged far-right website whose title for the meme was “Bloodsucking Alien Parasites Killing America,” she must have been a bit dim not to have realized the image’s likely true original intent—which, as a known fan of Jeremy Corbyn, she no doubt was.

Emotional Vampires
According to Thunberg, despite the well-known ubiquity of the Nazi-era Jewish octopus trope, she was “completely unaware” of its existence prior to posting—that’s what you get for continually skipping school to try to save the whales and the trees, I suppose. Instead, the cuddly “emotion octopus” in question was “a tool often used by autistic people to try and communicate their feelings,” she said—feelings like an intense hatred of the existence of the State of Israel, maybe?

I do find it unlikely Greta was deliberately making a reference to old fascist-era propaganda here. Indeed, as a good far-left Green Communist, once she was reeducated about the matter, Thunberg later re-uploaded her protest pic with all signs of the octopus edited out, Leon Trotsky-style. This did not prevent Israeli officials from trolling her back to the effect that “Hamas doesn’t use sustainable material for its rockets,” before cutting all mention of her from their national school curriculum.

Yet the fact Thunberg was on Israel’s national curriculum at all may have been part of the problem here in the first place, being a sign of how schools and colleges have been totally captured by the true vampire octopus in the world today—leftism. Bizarrely, there is a growing trend in Western seats of learning to try to teach the subject of economics through the uncanny prism of the supernatural, the idea being to indoctrinate students into feeling free-market capitalism as a whole is one gigantic horror movie…one controlled primarily by bloodsucking vampires.

Buffy the Empire Slayer
Karl Marx (part-Jewish himself—most probably the circumcised part) repeatedly compared capitalists to economic vampires, arguing they sucked their hapless factory workers’ existences dry of all life, leaving them mere undead husks, too drained of energy and hypnotized into a state of false consciousness to ever rise up and storm their corporate overlords’ mansions, like torch-wielding villagers burning down Castle Dracula in the movies.

Some activist academics therefore recommend that, as young people everywhere know what vampires are, yet are somewhat less familiar with abstract concepts from boring old books like Dialectical Materialism, they should be taught Marxism through the entryist prism of Hollywood vampirism in order to convert them to the cause.

One such online teaching document from 2013, Marxferatu: The Vampire Metaphor as a Tool for Teaching Marx’s Critique of Capitalism, bemoans the way “a growing number of students enter the classroom prepared [by parents] to actively resist any attempts at ‘Marxist indoctrination’ by ‘agenda-pushing’ professors.” Teaching them Marxism via the movies is seen as a good way around this.

Then, students too stupid and gullible to really deserve to be at university at all can be taught nonsense like: “When Marx and Engels urge workers of the world to unite in The Communist Manifesto, they are not simply urging the proletariat to join a labor union. Instead, they are calling on the working class to stop acting like Lucy [Westenra], the Count’s passive victim in Dracula, and start acting like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” I don’t remember the particular episode in which Buffy and her classmates rose up and stuck a stake through the heart of the parasitic boss class and their imperialist, neocolonialist allies in the White House, but I suppose it must exist; the new woke curriculum says so.

The trouble is, by linking greedy capitalists to vampires, do such “educators” inadvertently (or probably intentionally, in some cases) also potentially end up allowing their students to link them to the greedy capitalist blood-drinking parasitic octo-Jews of hypnotic Nazi-era propaganda as well?

Shalom’s Lot
These days, vampires, like everything else in the West, have gone all “diverse.” Most recently, there was Count Abdulla, a British “woke sitcom” about a Muslim vampire who works in the NHS and faces off against white supremacist vampires who run the nation’s border-control agency (very ineptly, it would appear, given Abdulla’s own presence within the land) after being bitten on the neck one “Halaloween.”

There are not too many well-known Jewish horror films, though—off the top of my head, I can only think of The Zionist Entity. Perhaps the most explicitly Jewish celluloid vampire is the one briefly seen in Roman Polanski’s The Fearless Vampire Killers, who proves immune to his intended victim’s brandishment of a crucifix—she should have been packing a Star of David.

Yet, implicitly, cinema’s two most influential vampires, Count Dracula and Count Orlock from Nosferatu, were also subliminal Jewish stereotypes: In Bram Stoker’s original novel, Dracula has a hooked nose and stands as a symbol of unpleasant foreign dangers brought into England by non-Anglo-Saxon immigrants from elsewhere, whilst Count Orlock is accompanied by swarms of plague-ridden rats, much as Jews were once said to spread the same virus by similar means.

Jack the Kippah
The historical association between Jews and vampires long predates the invention of cinema. Thirsty for infant blood, the ancient Jewish demon queen Lilith (later the wife of Dr. Frasier Crane) was said to enjoy killing babies—much like the actual Fearless Baby Killers of Hamas also claim Israelis do with their bombs and missiles today.

Moses himself spoke of the “Blood of the Covenant” between God and His Chosen People, which later morphed into the medieval blood libel, when European Jews were said to kidnap, crucify, and chop up Christian kids before leavening their Passover bread with their blood, in much the same way Hillary Clinton now does when baking her pizza dough. Sometimes, Jewish men were rumored to menstruate—Caitlyn Jenner should have just skipped the operation and started wearing a yarmulke—necessitating an oral top-up of fresh fluids.

In Victorian times, some even said Jack the Ripper was a Jew, feasting on the blood of his reputed prostitute victims—why didn’t he just pay them a few cheap copper coins to let him give them a rainbow kiss? Because he was Jewish, obviously.

Body-Count Dracula
Israeli Jews are often depicted as vampires by cartoonists in the Muslim world. In 2006, in response to controversy over Western cartoonists drawing the Prophet Muhammad, Iran organized a national contest to see who could produce the most tasteless cartoon about the Holocaust—one entry was a stereotypical Hasidic Jew drinking from a container marked “Jewish Blood.” In 2017, Iran’s sole Jewish MP (and probable sole Jewish citizen), Siamak Moreh Sedgh, branded Israel’s current MP Benjamin Netanyahu as either an “insane vampire” or a “psychic vampire,” calling him neck-deep in Muslim blood.

Also see this 2001 Saudi cartoon of now-(un)dead former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon on screen as the cape-wearing “Sharoncula,” sinking his fangs into the neck of a zombified little Palestinian girl. In December 2003, Hamas celebrated their 16th birthday by parading a big plywood cutout of Sharoncula, with Palestinian blood dripping from his fangs, around a refugee camp whilst slapping it with slippers and hacking axes into its face.

Or are Hamas the true vampires in the region? They do deliberately station their military bases and arms caches in emotive civilian places like hospitals and schools in order to goad Israel into striking them before then going around triumphantly displaying all the consequent innocent dead kids and cancer patients to the whole world’s media for blatant propaganda purposes.

Some dissenting Islamic commentators in the region make this very point, as in this 2009 op-ed claiming that, under Hamas rule, “the blood of the people of Gaza is being bottled by individuals who feed off it like vampires”—Hamas anger Israel into shedding fresh Muslim claret, then Hamas PR men turn up to feast on the corpses like ghouls, hoping to “invest in the Palestinian blood stock exchange” along with their true puppet masters in Iran.

So, vampiric bloodsuckers who dominate the metaphorical stock exchange of life and limb itself… If such images were deployed against Jews, you’d have no option but to call it a new blood libel. But deployed against the intentionally bloodthirsty terrorists of Hamas, maybe that term doesn’t stick. After all, a claim has to be untrue to count as libelous, doesn’t it?

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