March 09, 2012

When I was 13 I was looking at an old Penthouse out behind school and Dale Aiken said, “€œThis is nothing. When you”€™re married, you get to see your wife’s tits anytime you want.”€ This seemed too good to be true. Twenty-eight years later, with a wife and two kids, I can attest that it is. This morning I asked my wife to show me her tits, and without looking up from the paper she said a very curt, “€œNo.”€ When I said, “€œYou have to show me them. You”€™re my wife,”€ she didn”€™t even respond.

I thought getting married was going to be like having a live-in sex slave, but it’s just as hard picking up chicks at home as it was in the clubs. However, being as tenacious as I am libidinous has led me to 10 simple tips that can help you score with even the most out-of-your-league wife.

Bringing home flowers makes it look like you”€™re having an affair. Bring home a bottle of red wine instead and after the kids go to bed, open it up and watch her favorite TV show like you care. Get involved in the plot and say things like, “€œIs she insane? The judges hate when you take the easy route and cook what you”€™re known for. She’s doomed.”€ They seem to like incredulity a lot. After the show, she”€™ll be happy she has a best pal as a roommate and if you don”€™t move too fast, you can probably get in there.
WARNING: You are playing with fire watching these shows and if you let your guard down, it’s very easy to get hooked. I already have Stockholm Syndrome with Mob Wives, and missing an episode of Downton Abbey is as stressful as missing my period.

“€œI thought getting married was going to be like having a live-in sex slave, but it’s just as hard picking up chicks at home as it was in the clubs.”€

Your job as a husband is to act like you”€™re a fireman and your penis is the hose. If she’s in the mood on Christmas morning or an hour after your dad dies, you have to be able to drop everything and run into the flames, turgid firehose in hand. As the warden instructed the prisoners in Papillon, “€œPut all hope out of your mind…and masturbate as little as possible. It drains the strength.”€

Going to the bathroom with the door open or letting one rip in the living room doesn”€™t seem like a big deal when you”€™ve been living with someone for ten years, but know this: Every time you fart near your wife, a blowjob loses its wings. As Rachel Herz points out in her new book That’s Disgusting, nothing turns off a woman more than bad odors, so make sure you keep that shit as far from her nose as possible.

Unless someone slips her some Spanish Fly, you are not going to get laid while the kids are awake. Mothers get exhausted pretty soon after the kids go to bed, so scope out your window and only go for it when it’s open. If you”€™re repeating, “€œWanna have sex?”€ all the time, you are seen as just another child that wants something from her. Actually, never say, “€œWanna have sex?”€ You”€™re making love, not nachos.

Giving her a foot massage is the crack cocaine of picking up your wife. It works the first time, but then she wants more, and the next thing you know, you need a hand massage for your aching fingers. The only way massages work is when you do them in the middle of the day with no chance for sexual reciprocation. That makes it look like you”€™re not doing it just to get laid, which is a great way to get laid later.


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