November 21, 2014

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I was talking to a Jehovah’s Witness the other day and found out their idea of heaven is the same utopia that liberals are trying to force us into. There is no conflict in Jehovah’s afterlife”€”just a bunch of twentysomethings having picnics with lions and bears, and maybe a dinosaur or two walking around. It’s Earth without any of the bad stuff.

That sounds like hell. I asked him if there was boxing in this magical place. He thought for a second and said: “€œOnly if they have no animosity in their hearts.”€

What’s so bad about animosity? That’s how you win.

Professional Muay Thai fighter Chris “€œCrom”€ Romulo once told me he wins fights by saying to himself, “€œThat guy is trying to take food out of my kid’s mouth.”€ And fundamentally that’s what his opponent is doing. The more fights Chris loses, the less he can provide for his family. He needs visceral hatred to survive and it’s really exciting to watch.

Vices, like greed and revenge, drive men to success. As Bernard Mandeville said in his 1705 poem The Grumbling Hive: “€œLuxury”€¨Employ”€™d a Million of the Poor, And odious Pride a Million more; “€¨Envy itself, and Vanity, Were Ministers of Industry.”€

We need the bad stuff to live.

“€œIf I were explaining sex to an alien I would tell him to imagine a mouse being eaten by a snake.”€

Take sexism, for example. I see women as sex objects who are much weaker than men and are better off at home with the kids. My attitude is unpopular, but lack of sexism is not just making women miserable, it’s ending us. Telling women they”€™re not sex objects and forcing them into the workforce has made them infertile. White Americans have stopped having babies and raising families, which is why we”€™re about to become a minority in our own country.

Killing sexism also leaves women unsafe. When you tell girls they”€™re as tough as men, they go out and get wasted with no escort to make sure they get home safe. They strut down the street in the middle of the night through the bad part of town, almost daring criminals to attack them. When a black thug pulled a gun on Nicole duFresne in NYC in 2005, she said, “€œWhat are you going to do now, shoot us?”€ So he shot her. And her beta male boyfriend had an African funeral ceremony for her to promote peace and tranquility. How wildly unnatural.

This rejection of all things normal has even ruined sex: you”€™re supposed to ask permission for every move. “€œCan I kiss you here?”€ mewls the new “€œfeminism for bros.”€ “€œHow about here?”€

Women may find this appealing on paper, but I”€™ve had sex with women, and hesitation doesn”€™t turn them on. If I were explaining sex to an alien I would tell him to imagine a mouse being eaten by a snake. It’s about a helpless wee thing being dominated by a cruel monster, and both genders love it.

Girls don”€™t rule the world. Evil does.

Go talk to a scientist or an entrepreneur about what gets him out of bed in the morning. Yes, curing cancer and paying the mortgage are incentives, but they don”€™t hold a candle to hate. Scientists are constantly at each other’s throats, trying to shoot down a hypothesis or get there before the other guy. Scientists don”€™t applaud when someone else makes a discovery. They plot to beat the bastard next time.

Judd Apatow’s entire career is powered by revenge. When NBC canceled his show Freaks and Geeks he was furious, and the hatred he felt for the exec responsible, Garth Ancier, drove him to be one of the biggest players in Hollywood. Not only has he produced dozens of hit movies, he dragged the cast of his canceled show with him and now they”€™re all stars”€”who hate Ancier too. Seth Rogen confronted him at a party recently, still burning almost 15 years after the decision.

Bullying is good, too. Gay loudmouth Dan Savage likes to complain about how hard it was to be different when he was young, but those rough years drove him to the success he has today. He’s one of the most well paid bullies in the country. Getting picked on prepares kids for the real world. When I go into a work meeting, it’s not that different from stepping into the ring. People want to test your mettle. I”€™ve noticed a direct correlation between how much time I spend boxing and how much money I make. We shouldn”€™t be protecting kids from conflict. We should be training them to enjoy it.

But the millennials I”€™ve worked with were raised to be incapable of handling any kind of confrontation. I don”€™t mean they don”€™t enjoy it. I mean, as they would put it, “€œThey literally can”€™t…”€

When I pointed out a major error a 25-year-old made on a project this week, he started hyperventilating and another employee had to pretend he”€™d done a good job just to keep the guy from having a nervous breakdown. (I”€™m never working with him again.)


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