May 12, 2012

We are endlessly told that white people are racist and that white men are sexist. But in my experience people of a different color are much more racist and men of a different color much more sexist. It is just that we do not hear about this racism because no one is allowed to speak about it for fear of being branded…a racist.

Now from Britain comes the latest horrific example of nonwhite racism and sexism. And try as they might, the British media were unable this time to avoid telling us at least part of the truth.

Here it is: Nine British Muslims, eight of Pakistani and one of Afghani origin, gang-raped dozens of underage white girls in the northern England town of Rochdale between 2008 and 2010. One of the nine just happens to be a father of five and a religious-studies teacher in his local mosque.

There were 47 known victims, mostly aged 12-16 and living in local government children’s homes. But there were probably many more victims and many more rapists.

“€œIf nine non-Muslim white men did the same thing to dozens of Muslim teenage girls, British Muslims would blow up the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace.”€

Last Tuesday in Liverpool those nine men were convicted and sentenced to a total of 77 years in prison. In separate recent trials, 56 men (50 of them Muslims) were convicted of similar crimes in other northern England towns.

In the coverage of this latest child-rape-industry trial, the British media avoided the fact that racism motivated the nine and that they are all Muslims. The police and social workers failed to investigate for the same reason. The nine are usually referred to as “€œAsian”€ or “€œPakistani”€ and not “€œMuslim.”€ But at the root of their racism is their religion. Asian or Pakistani Christians or Hindus, for example, treat women of whatever age and color differently.

The Pakistani/Muslim attitude to women in general is very bad; the Pakistani/Muslim attitude to non-Muslim white women is even worse.

To such men, white women who go out without a male chaperone, dressed in miniskirts and high-heeled shoes, plastered in make-up, and who drink and take drugs, are sluts plain and simple. Infidel sluts.

In short: They are not merely asking to be raped. They do not just want to be raped. They deserve to be raped. That they are underage and in the care of the social services only reinforces this point of view.

All men, me included, have issues regarding how women dress and behave, don”€™t we? But most of us deal with them as best we can.

And most Muslims in non-Muslim countries, even of Pakistani origin, do not do what the Rochdale Nine did to all those non-Muslim, white, teenage girls. Nor are most Muslims in non-Muslim countries, even if of Pakistani origin, Islamic terrorists.


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