February 13, 2017

During the campaign season and after the election, nearly all of the political violence has come from the left, and it shows no signs of abating. What’s most distressing to me is that in many cases, the police are told to sit down and let it happen.

Despite the fact that the alleged “€œNazis”€ aren”€™t being violent in the least, the waves of endless violence against them are justified by claiming that Nazis have been violent in the past, and if you don”€™t keep beating them unconscious, they will certainly be violent in the future, so this isn”€™t really violence at all, it’s direct action to preemptively quash the remote possibility of any future Nazi violence, even if the Nazis being beaten don”€™t identify as Nazis and have never advocated violence against their political opponents. Besides, everyone knows that punching Nazis is OK because they saw it in a Steven Spielberg movie, and who could possibly be more all-American than Steven Spielberg?

Mind you, these insulated and boundlessly arrogant coastal creeps are so out of touch that they expected to be able to shit on the Silent Majority from here to eternity without the Silent Majority ever barking back at the ballot box. And they remain so encased in their opaque Rainbow Bubble that they appear to think that sooner or later, people won”€™t start punching back.

At this point, the psychotic hyperbole of the Antifa turds is so familiar as to be depressingly mainstream”€”SMASH the Nazis! CRUSH their skulls into the pavement! The only good fascist is a DEAD fascist!

Believe this”€”if they were truly under the impression that the “€œNazis”€ were such a looming threat, they wouldn”€™t be acting nearly this bold. They act without fear, mainly because it’s been generations since anyone gave them a good reason to be afraid.

“€œFor eight years the left threw Victory Riots. Now they seem hell-bent on at least four years of Defeat Riots.”€

Enter the new Right Wing Death Squads, which don”€™t truly exist as anything more than an idea at this point. They are not organized and well-funded like Antifa are, and to my knowledge they are not responsible for any rioting nor even a single sucker punch…yet.

At the moment, it is not an organized movement so much as it is the sort of threat that a longsuffering parent may give to its misbehaving child”€””€œIf you keep it up, I”€™m going to really give you something to cry about.”€

Rather than engaging in active political violence, right now the Right Wing Death Squad meme exists in the form of a clothing line, a Facebook group, a Twitter hashtag (#rwds), a musical subgenre, and some animated videos. Its most enduring image is of a communist being tossed from a helicopter, Pinochet-style.

The concept of a “€œdeath squad“€”€”a clandestine group that rains psychological terror and performs extrajudicial killings on behalf of the powers that be”€”is a relatively new one. Some have suggested that the Ku Klux Klan were the original “€œdeath squad,”€ but the KKK was working against the powers that be, at least during its original incarnation.

Ironically, the first relatively modern group to earn the designation “€œdeath squad”€ were the Bolshevik Cheka, who were instrumental during the Red Terror in Russia and helped pave the way for the gulag system. The Nazis”€™ Einsatzgruppen originally formed as a counter death squad against rampant skull-cracking by communist gangs in the streets of Weimar Germany.

The first group to actually refer to itself as a “€œdeath squad”€ was Romania’s Iron Guard, which hatched in 1927. Resolutely anti-Semitic, they accused Jews of having “€œcolonized”€ Romania and blamed “€œrabbinical aggression against the Christian world”€ for the cultural plagues of homosexuality, atheism, Marxism, Freudianism, and Bolshevism.

But the term “€œdeath squad”€ didn”€™t reach popular usage until the 1970s and 80s, when it referred to anti-communist terror organizations scattered throughout South America.

Augusto Pinochet’s infamous Caravan of Death used helicopters flying throughout Chile in late 1973, murdering at least 97 enemies in a three-week span. According to Chilean General Joaquin Lagos:

The prisoners were killed so that they would die slowly. In other words, sometimes they shot them by parts. First, the legs, then the sexual organs, then the heart. In that order the machine guns were fired.

It later emerged that Chilean death squads kidnapped an estimated 120 civilians and dropped them from helicopters into “€œthe ocean, the lakes, and the rivers of Chile.”€ This was also a common practice of Alianza Anticomunista Argentina in the “€œDirty War”€ of 1976-83, during which an estimated 10,000 political enemies conveniently disappeared at the hands of pro-government vigilantes. (British soldiers in Northern Ireland during the Troubles also had a habit of dropping live IRA members out of helicopters, but only a few feet from the ground.)


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