May 02, 2012

Kall me krazy, but I love the Kardashians. 

This is Kardashian Week if there ever was one. The fab family just signed a $40-million deal with E! for three more years of their reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians“€”making it the biggest deal in reality-TV history. 

Last Thursday Kim appeared on a live episode of 30 Rock. Soon after she declared her interest in doing comedy and having her own show.

Kim also expressed interest in politics and talked about running for mayor of Glendale, CA. She met with several local politicians to discuss her candidacy. Her mother Kris says she thinks Kim would be a great mayor. I think it would be a good way for her to use her influence in a more humanitarian way.

“€œPersonally, I”€™d like to see them all at Coachella next year toking on doobies and singing in an ethno-Armenian gypsy band called Kim and the Kardashians.”€

This past weekend Kim and her mother attended the White House Correspondents”€™ Dinner in Washington. Barack Obama and host Jimmy Kimmel both referred to Kim and the Kardashians in their speeches multiple times. That makes them pretty darn famous, now, doesn”€™t it? Possibly even more than Brad and Angelina.

Kim’s sister Khloe and her sweetie pie of a husband Lamar Odom just announced they have canceled their spin-off show so Lamar can focus on his basketball career. It looks like Khloe and her sister Kourtney might be in talks to do their own spin-off like the one they did in Miami, though nothing has been finalized.

In the meantime Lamar and Kanye West, Kim’s new squeeze, were recently fitted for gold teeth. This is slightly ridiculous, but perhaps my understanding of fashion is out of date. Plus I”€™m not a dentist. The Kardashian Klan seem to have a tremendous sense of style so they probably know more about gold teeth. After all, a lot of their businesses revolve around clothing.

As far as I can tell the girls have a slightly gaudy, well-to-do SoCal Armenian thing going. I don”€™t really have a problem with that; it’s the Juicy Couture look I detest. Kris Jenner could dress a little more age-appropriately, but I”€™ll let it slide. All in all the ladies look healthy. Robert and Bruce would lose the earrings and the ghetto fabulous stuff if I had my say, but then they hang out with a lot of ballers so maybe they fit in a little better with them. The best dressed of all the Kardashian men is definitely Scott Disick. He’s from the East Coast so his sense of style is more preppie, which I happen to prefer.


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