April 02, 2018

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Dear Editor,

Re: Reich’s Laboratory, by Steve Sailer

I’m grateful Mr. Sailer has given us this subject to discuss, although he sometimes takes us from the main theme.

His introduction of the book and work of David Reich caused me to look further on the Internet and I see that Sailer’s article touched on all the main points.

But neither Reich nor Sailer tells us why we can’t yet genetically determine why certain “races,” or those with common “ancestries,” have certain dominant social and behavioral characteristic peculiar to each. Maybe we can’t or won’t because these are not genetically determined? If not, what determines them?

I have in mind the great works of Western Civilization, beginning with the Pre-Socratic philosophers.

Why didn’t such works start with older civilizations or other peoples? What was it that has made the Westerner distinct from other populations; that the Westerner has been so dominant in the realms of the arts (including especially music), science, philosophy (including Christianity, to which all are inextricably linked), and now the analysis of ancient DNA?

In any case, I am glad we have the technology to discover and learn from the historical and current genetic record so that we can set aside all the biases and non-rational prejudices we have heretofore been presented with by “science” and “scientists.”

Best wishes to you on your new commenting method.

Ron Pavellas

Dear Sirs or Madam.
This is but the logical next step of the social contract used successfully between individuals.

When we decided we no longer wanted “god” in the picture many felt that the consent “you don’t try to tell me how to live, and I won’t tell you how to live” seemed to be working.

Now we have moved on to “you have no basis (with God out of the picture) to declare anything that doesn’t hurt another, right or wrong!”

Not only do we demand to be allowed to do this, we insist you commit to the position that there is nothing wrong with it.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, on their website shows on the order of three out of four new Aids cases belong to a group estimated at two to four percent of the population – MSM, men having sex with men. Should we really be telling our youngest students that it doesn’t matter which lifestyle they choose?

With God out of consideration school shooters, viewing others as mere accidents of nature and not as made in the image of God, find no reason to resist their horrible impulse to kill. No one knows how long the wrestled with their consciences before giving it.

Without God, we have a greatly diminished value, or significance, little meaning, and when trouble comes, no hope at all.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines science as limited to the natural and physical world. Authentic science has nothing to say about the transcendent.

They never specify the scientific fact they find that does away with God. I don’t think there is one.

Do you suppose many think the idea of god is bad news?

To know that He, in spite of knowing every wrong choice we have ever made, still loves us, is good news. Not bad.


Don Cain
Orlando, FL

As always, Dr. Daniels hits the nail squarely on the head. It is remarkable to watch our society denigrate. I live in Colorado, and our legislature just passed a bill requiring the word retarded to be removed from all government documents. This and sexual harassment charges seem to be what these lawmakers are mostly doing with their time (and our taxes). I feel as though I am truly living in a world gone mad.


Michele Kostic

Of course there is no empathy for men when dealing with Marxists.
“In the family, he is the bourgeois, the woman represents the proletariat.”
This is from; “The origin of the Family, Private property and the State”, by Engels.
In the mind of a Marxist, men are the enemy because they have the power and everything is about power to them. Furthermore, Engels tied in private property with the patriarchy, family and the existence of the State. In other words it’s men’s fault that we have governments, private property and everything else that is set up to oppress women folk everywhere. Men will only be redeemed after private property is abolished along with the family and the state, because without them men will be effectively neutered. (obviously this is circular logic but what else is new)
I doubt that most modern feminists understand that by waging war against masculine men and the very idea of the family, that they are in fact waging war against the state. However, the people who actually read Marx and Engels certainly know this to be true, which is why they encourage this behavior. If they deceive most women about this fact, this is also fine with them, the ends always justify the means.
Thanks for the interesting article.

Brad Smith
Rogers City, Michigan

Dear Bunky,

Firstly, I suspect a name of the feather.  Secondly, after being a regular reader of Taki’s works, you seem to have an eerily similar style.  Please consider this high praise, indeed.

Having had various intimate relationships with women for 40 years now, I  don’t think women have hangovers as men do, just as you suggest.  The remedies remain similar: sleep, inactive mindless entertainment, or more alcohol, but the soul-crushing self-doubt and shame of the psychological hangover I’ve never witnessed in a woman and doubt it’s possible. I believe they have the backstop of being able to blame another for the intensity of their intoxication.

Lastly, I find that, upon waking to a hangover, gliding smoothly into “the act” with my fortunate partner, thence to sleep for a couple more hours, puts the best color into the day.

All the best,

Dan Tufts
Idaho, USA

Please accept my respectful congratulations on the abolition of your comment section. It is a truly wise move that adds class to an already classy publication.  (Would that others had the sense to follow your example.)

I’ve been a Taki fan since the American Spectator days 30-plus years ago.

Best Regards,

Jonathan Ward
Pittsboro, North Carolina

I will miss posting my disdain for government at all levels. They are to blame for most of our ills not the Jews. Please know this decision will in no way put a damper on my appreciation of Russian Supermodels or my desire to objectify beautiful women.

John M McDonald

At the beginning of Euripides’ play Ion, the young Ion is performing chores outside the shrine of Apollo at Delphi. As the play opens, we see Ion chasing pigeons away from the area in order to prevent them from defecating on the statues.
Thank you for chasing the pigeons away from the statues.
Jack Scavicchio

Obviously, since you place no value on what we say, we are not obligated to place any on what you say.  I found the comments to usually be humorous in several different ways, mostly well thought out and, for the most part stated with the use of a wide vocabulary and good grammar. Those qualities are very hard to find in most comment sections and it is a tragedy that I will be forced to rummage through mountains of drivel to find something that compares, if indeed anything does. I saw the purpose of your website as being a resource where topics were put forth in the articles to excite among your regulars a need to integrate our own opinions and knowledge into the commentary. Your articles and comments always left me feeling better informed and educated. Sure, there were a few people posting spam and racist and other negative things about others. All that does reminds one that almost one half of the population is of below average intelligence and the political right is bound to have a few whose political and social values are derived from parents who weren’t that sharp, either.  It was never hard to figure out who those individuals were and thus ignore them after checking to see if they had said anything useful.  Even idiots and Nazis sometime drip a pearl. I will check back from time to time to see if you have re-instituted my beloved comment section. But the most horrible and unfair thing about this is that now I can never be the first to post. I will never enjoy that honor. Woe is I. 

Joe A

Dear Editors,

I am delighted with this website because it provides a wide range of articles on varied subjects. Some are humorous, some are serious and all are well-researched and well-written. It is the only website I enjoy reading. It is informative and entertaining, a rare combination. I wish your writers were my neighbors.

Thank you, keep writing,

Dr. Marion Scholz






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