April 09, 2018

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Re: An Uncivil Society

It is not a “very small pressure group” that has created this “atmosphere…in Western societies…in which…honest and respectable people” fear reprisal for expression of “…dissenting views about a matter of considerable symbolic if not numerical importance.”  What the reviewer calls “strident transsexualism” is rooted in antiquity (Gen. 3:5-6; 6:1-8; Romans 1:17-32; 2nd Peter 2:4-9; Jude 6).  Not having read When Harry Became Sally…, I assume its author contends that this strident ideology has been met with “supine acceptance” as the reviewer states.  Clearly, “supine acceptance” is exactly what is occurring in our culture for the most part concerning this and other cultural degradations.

Transcendent world views promoted by fervent ideologues who seek “…to reform…our minds and souls…not for the sake of betterment, but as an exercise in…power” historically are not merely a “…matter of considerable symbolic if not numerical importance.”  The “strident transsexualism” described in the review of this book has indeed exploded in our very recent past as the reviewer notes.  He errs, however, if he truly believes that its effect will be like “…throwing a pebble into a pond, causing a ripple that soon disappears and is forgotten.” 

Michael Robbins
Memphis, TN

Re: The Education America Needs


Yet another brilliant article. While Australia and the USA might be on opposite sides of the planet, what you wrote is every bit as relevant here as where you are.

Yours Sincerely,

Julian Donohoe
Rottnest Island

Re: Syrian Showdown: Trump vs. the Generals

The American people are sick to death of the endless war in the Middle East. If Trump does nothing else, he will have accomplished what few presidents before him have done. He will have stood up to the bankers, neo-cons, warmongers and foreign leaders who want to make gains at home on our dime and the blood of our soldiers.

Kelly Harbeson

Mr. Sailer:

Mencius Goldbug once remarked that you are an adherent of “Sailerism” and indicated that he was inclined towards this philosophy. In this regard, I concur entirely with Mr. Yarvin. I am ready to sign up and tithe over a tenth of my meagre income to the Church of Sailer.

There is none other excepting, perhaps, David P. Goldman, who can write as pithily and knowledgeably about the diverse subjects that you daily address. And, again, none can write about these topics, mostly forbidden thought-crimes, with the gentle humor and utter lack of rancor that is evident in every line.

I want to thank you for another superb essay – on the Hindu Caste system, of all things! – and urge you to write more on this topic. I have never been able to take any interest in this subject owing to the paucity of readable authorities. Perhaps, Mr. Sailer could be the man who introduces the West to the idea and nature of Caste.

That you are an Honorary Brahmin, much like the undersigned, goes without saying. And perhaps your karma, in this janam, is to enlighten others and thereby lead us all closer to Nirvanam. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Once again, thank you, and good luck.

Adi V. Barot, Esq.

Name “at least three examples of Christian privilege”

There is only one that matters. Not going to Hell.

“…three ways to be an ally with a non-Christian person.”

Again, only one is needed. Share the “Roman Road.”

John H. Johnson
Towson, Maryland


Loved your parody of the current PC disease! Being disgusted and sick of this constant self hate by the left, you did a fine job of making it as crass and stupid as it is. Keep up the good work!


Russell Painton

Re:The Week That Perished

Sunday morning is so much better because I have your column to enjoy. Thank you!

Reduce intellectual and emotional noise until you arrive at the silence of yourself and listen to it.

Richard Brautigan


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