July 09, 2018

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You Couldn’t Handle a Revolution

Jim Goad has done a brutally brilliant job of dissecting the Left’s attempt to make us common folk fall into line. I take great pleasure in the knowledge that despite being years older than Hamilton Nolan and Michael Moore, I am blessed to live in a state which believes in the Second Amendment and allows me to defend myself. The revolution would last until Michael Moore had his knee taken out by an 80-year-old gray-haired lady swinging her hand bag.

Mary McLemore
Pike Road, Alabama

I ask everyone who thinks like Moore the same questions: How many orphaned children do you voluntarily shelter? How many desperate illegals have you taken in? Is your name on a list of volunteers to temporarily house, feed, and care for these people? No, then shut up about it. We are a nation of laws.

Mark Maloney
New Orleans, Louisiana

We Can and Will Handle a Revolution.

Politicians, both Left and Right, have no real idea of what they are doing, only that they have self interests that require others –both their constituents and whichever lobby they can convince to fund their pipedreams – to support them while they pursue less than honorable goals.

More and more of those my age have become disenchanted with the growing divide in the country, all of which is the fault of our elected officials.

Those of us who grew up in the ‘60’s and ‘70s believed that we were protesting for a greater good…we were duped. The leaders we chose to follow sent us into protests to be set upon by police dogs, tear gas, officers with batons and truncheons, and the occasional construction worker wielding a 2×4, while they stayed safely behind pontificating to the press about their imagined utopia.

Those of us who survived the bloodbath became withdrawn and (lower case “c”) conservative. We have no use for Limbaugh, who is a blowhard, Hannity, a jackass, nor Savage, who under different circumstances would be in an asylum. We hold these mouthpieces of the Conservative Right with the same distain as the Coopers, Tappers, Cuomos and Maddows of the delusional Liberal Left.

What has happened to those of us left on the outside is that we have become harder and more self reliant. We have also become much less tolerant. The upshot being, when TSHTF, and there is actual rioting in the streets, neither the Left of the Right will be able to count on us for support.

What will happen is a third wave, more committed, trained and prepared to bring back the dream of the original founders. Unfortunately, those that caused the upheaval will experience purge that will make Cambodia’s Killing Fields look like a Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party.

Ronal O’Baoigheallain
Ridgefield, Connecticut

I just belly laughed through the entire article by Jim Goad. Thank you for the comic relief. Brews on me if you ever visit the Bay Area.

Dian Marshall Smith
San Francisco, California

Attack of the Psychic Latina!

If the entry occurred in the U.S.:

1. parents bring small children across desert
2. to commit a crime
3. having made no provision for care of the children (food, water, shelter)
4. the children are in the U.S.
5. therefore Family Court has legal jurisdiction over the children (residence, not origin, determines jurisdiction)
6. Family Court permanently terminates parental custody of the children
7. parents go to prison
8. children go to foster care
9. children are placed wherever Family Court determines is in their best interest (parents’ interest is no longer relevant)
10. children are returned to the next relatives in Mexico
11. problem solved: those parents don’t have any children

Jeffrey Diamond
Lynbrook, New York

Not only is Sotomayor psychic she is also wise. She has said so. Nuanced interpretations like hers obfuscate the reality of what is being said. Psychic powers are not needed to understand her true intent. She seeks to undermine any legitimate law she does not agree with proper or not. A wise Latina cannot hide her stupidity behind a cloud of idiotic dissent. It is plainly there for everyone to see.

John MacDonald
Keller, Texas

It is quite telling that the judge who was reading motive and intent into a law was female. Who of us hadn’t run into the question by our female partners of “what do you really mean?”, implicitly invalidating any logical thought underlying whatever you said.

There was a good reason the founding fathers limited the franchise to males.

Werner A. Hoermann
Fallbrook, California

The Liberal Stampede to ‘Abolish ICE’

Actually, the “protesters” are much more vulgar than Mr. Buchanan politely suggests. Many use foul language (with verb “f**k”) on their placards.

One thing appears certain. Those illegal aliens who “protest” like that are profoundly incompatible with our Republic that assumes people act ethically and obey the law, and if they happen to break it, they are remorseful about what they have done.

It appears that the “protesters”, at least as a group, are devoid of any conscience and have no remorse about their violations whatsoever. That trait falls under the definition of psychopathy (per Wikipedia, psychopathy is characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, disinhibited, and egotistical traits). It is a trait that – according to recent research – gives those who exhibit it an evolutionary advantage in their attempts to parasitize altruistic society like ours.

The collective psychopaths don’t belong in America and will inflict profound damage to the ethical fabric of our society if they are not removed swiftly. ICE should round them up right on the streets where they “protest” and send them back to their native countries ASAP. It would be a clear case of misdirected altruism if they were allowed to stay.

Mark Andrew Dwyer
Los Angeles, California

By all means, don’t allow compulsory membership in unions. By all means, don’t force unions to represent people who refuse to join. The latter is a form of welfare. Collective bargainng should not benefit non-members.

I attended Pat Buchann fundraisers in Alpine and Hackensack, NJ in 1992. I like Pat, but I think he ought to be even handed about the open shop issue.

Roland Maruska
New York, New York

Cynthia Nixon, a candidate for governor of New York, described ICE as a “terrorist organization … terrorizing people who are coming to this country. … We need to abolish ICE.”

Let’s take this to its logical conclusion, shall we?

By this logic, the police are a “terrorist organization … terrorizing people who break into your house. … We need to abolish the police.”


My paternal grandparents came from northern Italy. They left in 1933 and stayed in Great Britain over a year, waiting till they could come to the USA. They left a prosperous business and their 62 relatives who all were gone by 1944. When they did get to their final destination, upper Wisconsin, they were all naturalized citizens and grateful to start over. My point is, no matter the hardship, they did the right thing, waiting out the paper process in a safe country, achieving legal status and legally coming to the USA. It was probably a very difficult period in their lives because my grandfather always became teary-eyed when it was brought up by others. He would shake his head, wipe his eyes and state how much he loved the USA.

Russell Charboneau

Mexico’s Next Chapter

Another brilliant piece from Taki. More like this from Sailer, please.

Lee Whistler
Fresno, California

I see the almost complete disconnect between the people in general and the political class. I lived in Mexico for many years and have a large Mexican family. (100+) The commentaries from the US mostly miss the truth of Mexico.  There seems to be no real understanding. There never has been. Too bad.

Charles Smith
Columbus, Georgia

I personally would like to see an end to our involvement in Arabia. That would leave our military with nothing to spend its budget on. Would the drug cartels not provide a juicy target, that we could sell ourselves as the “good guys” for going after?

Kelly Harbeson

Barbarism in the Courts

Stephen Baskerville’s article is EXCELLENT! The courts have destroyed the very fabric of our society.

Sam McGowan
Missouri City, Texas

Happy Fourth of July, You Wonderful Country!

Ann Coulter’s closing remark about Leftist Democrats giving our Republic away to the rest of the undeserving world reminded me of a bit of youthful folly I committed before the advent of the Internet: One summer day, when I was about four years-old, I decided to distribute Popsicles to a gathering of kids on the sidewalk in front of my house. It was pandemonium as they clamored for the frozen treats, and soon a dozen of them were gone.  When it became clear that there were no more to be had, my newfound friends departed for greener pastures. My mother later reminded me that while generosity is all fine and good, too much of it is bad for the giver and the receiver.  The hard lesson of cause and effect became clear to me later that day when I asked my mother for a Popsicle and she said there were none.

William Peters
Rochester, New York

History tells us almost everything we need to know. Only a new revolution will put our nation back on the right track. Twenty trillion in hard debt. Two hundred trillion in unfunded liabilities. Socialism has created a national debt that will never be paid. Why? There is something rotten in Washington. The enumerated powers were established for a reason. Egalitarianism is the lie that keeps on giving. We were created equal and should be treated equally. This does not mean we are all equal in ability or thought. We are not the same. We are not equal. Time to correct our course. If we don’t we will become Mexico. Or worse.

John MacDonald
Keller, Texas

Heckle Nation

I agree with you that the harassment of public officials is a terrible trend. Had it been my decision, I would not have refused service to Sarah Huckabee Sanders and would have advised the restaurant owner not to indulge in her power trip. As far as I know, you have a right to complain about this event. However, there are some people who I think have no moral right to complain.

Let’s start with the President. He’s been known to urge his supporters at campaign rallies to harass and intimidate reporters just for doing their jobs. How about Ms. Huckabee who wasn’t telling the truth about always trying to be civil? I’ve seen her insult and degrade reporters many times. She’s also defended the President’s many instances of incivility by claiming it shows he’s “a strong leader”. Was the restaurant owner being a “strong leader” when she decided to take her stand?

Here are some other people who have no right to complain about the treatment of Ms. Sanders… You can’t complain if you cheered the Supreme Court’s decision allowing a business to refuse service to gays AND spoke admiringly of the baker’s willingness to lose business for his personal beliefs. Finally, you can’t complain if you’ve ever referred to anyone objecting to unfair treatment as a “snowflake”. Or at least you have to explain what makes Sarah Huckabee Sanders not a snowflake.

Larry Boocker
Royal Oak, Michigan

What Kind of Pornography Should be Banned?

Hubert, you provoke thought, I’ll give you that:

“When women are involuntarily brought to obvious emotional distress and even tears through verbal abuse and rough physical handling, it is patently offensive. Facial Abuse can and should be brought to trial and shut down.”

Man, that stuff is cringe worthy. Not good for young men to go out in the world at 15 with that stuff in his head. That said, these girls step off the bus, as they said. And so, what’s involuntary? Who wouldn’t be willing to bet the girls sign a SAG application and age statements? Girls fly over to Dubai by the private-plane load to be peed on (and worse) by Arabs with big money. This too is completely voluntary. What do girls think porn and prostitution IS after all? Nasty stuff all this. Slippery slopes certainly applied as all this developed.

This gave me an instant chuckle:

“Given that strong families are the bedrock of civilization, and the best environment for children, we should lend them a helping hand. Pornography that depicts spousal infidelity should be illegal. The specifics as to how the infidelity comes about (babysitters, in-laws, secretaries, etc.) are immaterial. We need healthier depictions of married couples and families.  “

Please, Hubert, work with me here (this is why I hate that the back and forth of comments is gone). While I’m not defending porn, better you focus your energies on eliminating the No-Fault divorce if you’re so worried over families. Because right now, the women you virtue-signal to blow up 80% of marriages for valuable cash and prizes without cause, just because they can in No Fault Family Courts. If you want to chase the minors and snuff out of porn, fine. But spare us your notions that elimination of narrow categories of porn that offend YOU will be beneficial to families. Rather conceited of you. Once families are saved by elimination of those forms of porn, when parents are re-united and the children once again tucked into bed in their nuclear family home, everyone happy and together, what will you censor then? The slippery slope of ‘art’ vs. censorship tilts two ways and I for one, don’t trust any of the censorship models. Keep floating those trial balloons, though, Hubert, you’re ok, I figure you mean well.

Jim Christian
Boston, Massachusetts

One wonders how much traffic Hubert Collins’s article may have inadvertently driven to facialabuse.com. Sorry, but I had to look.

Alas, my ex-wife did not appear in any of their content.

Jonathan Ward
Pittsboro, North Carolina

The Psychological Naïveté of Trump’s Moralistic Critics

Superbly thought out and written article!
I couldn’t agree more!!

Lee Hickman
Bells, Tennessee

The author hits it right on the head. Liberals believe in John Locke’s meeting in the woods, the one where sweet reason prevailed. Realists know that life can be nasty, brutish and short for the weak and stupid. As Michael said of his brother Fred, he’s weak and stupid and that’s a bad combination in our business. The American liberal, weak and stupid, is also a bully. They will pick on and revile Christians, and multicultural only applies to the terrorist thugs who threaten our existence. That’s why we need Trump, he’s a street guy. He would have done fine where I grew up, the south side of Chicago. Obama and the Harvard pajama boys would have been eaten alive. By the way, he is not a Chicago south sider, he’s a pajama boy all the way.

John Fennelly
Palm City, Florida

This was a somewhat mediocre article by DeGroot, and not up to his usual standards. First, by assuming Trump has bad character, he is feeding ammo to his enemies. Next, being resolute, strong, even tough is not the same as bad. Indeed, when talking about the morality of politics, DeGroot should have mentioned that much of politics is filled with lies and corruption, and the Trump Admin has been remarkably free of both. What his enemies consider rudeness are often blunt truths told where other politicians would resort to sweet sounding lies, lies like “You can keep your doctor and your insurance” as told by a more urbane sounding former president.

Eric Gudorf
Edina, Minnesota

I thoroughly agreed with and enjoyed this insightful article. I think the reference to the moralistic man taking comfort in the teeth of his dog as it guards his orchard, brought everything into focus. We break eggs to make an omelet, and many millions died in two world wars so we can live in relative peace. (As best as we can arrange a peace today).

Richard Harrington
Fleming Island, Florida


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