April 23, 2018

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Donald Trump: The First Jewish President?

David Cole’s “Donald Trump the First Jewish President” touches on many if not most of the reasons the American Jewish community despises Donald Trump. But, there are some others.

My lifelong proximity and interaction with American Jews leads me to accept a few sayings:

“The Jews are like all people only more so”.

American Jews and White Gentiles in Hollywood in the mainstream media tend to have God awful, anti White, anti American politics. The world views of Hollywood Jews Norman Lear, Mike the Meathead Reiner and idiot White Gentiles Sean Penn, George Clooney – they are the same:

They despise poor and working class White Americans in fly over Red states or in Archie Bunker left behind White enclaves.

I would add this saying for 2018.

“An anti Semite is not necessarily someone who hates Jews, it’s someone the Jews hate.”

American Jews and just Jews all over the world hate President Trump and hate Trump supporters who are mostly poor, working class and rural White Americans. One just has to look at our recent Jewish Hollywood Christmas time movies to see this intense hatred:

Harvey Weinstein/Quentin Tarantino (vicious anti White Jew & vicious anti White Goy)

D’Jango Unchained

These folks hate us.

Very sad,

Jaye Ellis
Chicago, IL

Bring back the comments section so I can explain how David Cole’s clever sleight of hand—here! watch the Coulter-birdie—is an attempt to distract from the real reason Jews hate Donald Trump, which he dismisses without explanation: immigration.

Craig Nelsen
Washington, DC

Taki Overboard

Dear Mr. Taki,

Of the 109 children on board, 52 died, all of them from third class. The spoiled little monsters from first class survived to the last diaper.

You are correct in the spirit of your statement. No first class child on the ship had to die.

However, you are incorrect in the letter or actual facts of your statement. One first class child on the ship did perish: little Loraine Allison.



Thank you,

Nancy Leyko
Forest Hill, MD

Actually A Night To Remember was the English version of the Titanic saga and starred Kenneth More, David McCallum and Pussy Galore a/k/a Honor Blackman. Anyway, if Taki had been on board it would have never sunk, thus depriving the world of hours of entertainment and temporary escape as Western Civ slowly sinks into the abyss.

Hans P. Bosse
Stamford, CT

Taki is confusing Clifton Webb with the 1953 Titanic Hollywood production. The superior “A Night to Remember” was the most expensive British film to that point and starred Kenneth More. It was also the only film to not be a melodrama and featured all true stories with the cooperation of a number of survivors. 

Italians are not portrayed as cowards who got into the boats, but J. Bruce Ismay, the head of White Star Line was. 

“Women and children first” is attributed to Augusta, GA native Major Archibald Cox, friend of President Taft… who also perished in the disaster.

Robert G. Barker

The absolute last place for truth, historically or otherwise, is Hollywood. That being said I prefer 1958s A Night to Remember with Kenneth More and David McCallum. A superior film despite including the fake news you describe. The memorable scene for me was when the engine room chief sets down his glass and contemplates the tilt of the liquid. One reads his thought ‘we are cooked we can’t give up’. It was real. Robert Wagner has been in the news lately. The Stanwyck tryst and Wood drowning.Too bad the media is not as concerned with Teddy Kennedy’s Titanic.

MC Fox

Reviewing the Plots Against the Clean Water/Clean Air Guy

What a superb comment on the asininity of the environmental movement! Yet, it must also be noted that the EPA and its related organisations, tyrannical and corrupt, are attempting to exercise a form of social control that, were it to be completely realised, would destroy what remains of freedom in this country. Its proponents are either mad for power, or simply mad.

Carl-Edward Endicott
Los Angeles, CA

The Truth About Progressive Companies

Regarding the following quote:

“There is no white supremacy, and unlike Asians, blacks are not discriminated against as a class. In terms of achievement, blacks do lag behind the other races, but that is a reflection of the state of the black family, nor will it improve unless blacks stop blaming white people for their own problems.”

This is the kind of writing that made the Taki site stand out in a sea of conservative mush (think National Review post Buckley), and (dare I say so) the kind of writing that would have generated 500 comments by noon on the day it was posted. So my point is – please bring back the Comments section! How long are your writers going to keep writing first rate material like the above without an active audience? The self described Takitariat contained some of the sharpest commenters I’ve seen anywhere, people who really know their stuff, whether the subject is politics, history, science or whatever. Yes, there were a few nuts, but that’s always been the burden of allowing free speech.

Eric Gudorf
Edina, MN

Revolutionary Thinking

Yes, yes, yes! The U.S. played into his hands.
He was successful all along in blaming the
distress of his people on the “evil capitalists.”
Excellent reporting!

Don Cain
Orlando, FL


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